For the King 2 Hardwork Skill, For the King 2 Best Characters

For the King 2 Hard Work

The “Diligence” skill in “Be King 2” is a valuable ability that comes into play in battle. This skill allows your character to gain additional primary actions when the last focus is exhausted in combat. Focus is crucial for performing special moves and using abilities, so being able to gain extra major moves when you’re distracted can be a game-changer. It provides an opportunity to take extra action and make strategic decisions when it matters most, potentially turning the tide of battle in your favor.

  • Build a Scarecrow: There is a chance to build a scarecrow in the front row during combat.
  • Called Shooting: Increases the likelihood of achieving a perfect shot when using a bow.
  • Cheers: Provides the opportunity to transfer alcohol effects to nearby allies during combat.
  • Distraction: Chance to prevent a successful attack on another party member.
  • Desire: Increases the likelihood of making the first move in combat.
  • Elite Ambush: Ambushing an individual enemy requires 1 roll, or 2 rolls for a camp encounter.
  • Elite Stealth: Requires 2 slot rolls to sneak into an individual enemy, or 3 to hide from an encampment.
  • Power-Up: Chance to gain additional action points at the end of the round.
  • Eureka: Focus entirely on improving your character.
  • Find Alcohol: There is a chance to obtain Alcohol at the end of a round on land or in a dungeon.
  • Find Herbs: There is a chance to find herbs at the end of your turn on land or in a dungeon.
  • Find Scrolls: There is a chance to obtain a scroll at the end of a turn on land or in a dungeon.
  • Guard: Negates melee damage from allies directly behind, but requires a shield.
  • Effort: Gain an additional primary action when your last focus is consumed in combat.
  • Flock: Increases the likelihood that sheep followers will join your party at the end of the turn.
  • Iron Belly: Prevents negative debuffs from drinking alcohol.
  • Justice: Chance to increase splash damage on perfect attacks with two-handed weapons.
  • Make a Potion: There is a chance to get a potion at the end of your turn on land or in a dungeon.
  • Navigator: Gain 2 extra movement points at the end of a turn when the boat is off-road or on the ocean.
  • Good Day: Increases the chance of getting global movement on a sunny day.
  • Team Heal: Provides partial healing to nearby allies during combat, overworld, and rest.
  • Refocus: A chance to regain focus at the end of a turn on land or in a dungeon.
  • Scout: Provides an opportunity to reveal the contents of the next dungeon room.
  • Smoke Escape: Increases the chance of escaping from any combat block and requires 1 fewer skill check.
  • Steadfast: When equipped with a shield, the chance of negating attack damage is increased.
  • Support Range: Allows you to join the fight from outside of an additional hex.
  • Investigation: Increase your chances of discovering hidden points of interest (POIs).
  • Tactics: Increase the chance of strengthening the combat tile, increasing attack power by +5.

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Best character in King of Kings 2

Hunter – the agile explorer:

The hunter profession is generally considered to be the first choice in “Be King 2”. Hunters combine unique abilities and high speed to excel in both exploration and combat. Elite Ambush and Elite Stealth make this character an expert at ambushing and isolating enemies to gain proactive advantage. The “Call to Fire” ability occasionally results in a perfect shot with a bow, while the “Power-Up” provides additional action points. Equip a bow and items that enhance dodge, speed, critical chance, and awareness for maximum effect.

Herbalist – Supportive Therapist:

Following closely behind, Herbalist is an excellent support profession. Its “Find Herbs” ability provides a constant supply of valuable herbs in the overworld, and is complemented by the “Gathering Heal” ability, allowing the herbalist to provide healing support during combat, exploration, and rest. Staffs and wands are recommended as equipment to increase damage output, as well as items that increase vitality and awareness.

Blacksmith – Strong Tank:

The Blacksmith is the class of choice for building a solid and tanky character. The Steadfast ability, while luck-based, has a chance to negate damage when using a shield. Using a one-handed blade or blunt weapon is crucial to making Steadfast effective, and equip items to increase strength and resistance for the ultimate tanking experience. Don’t forget to stock up on healing items to support the blacksmiths on the front lines.

Scholar – Miraculous Intelligence:

Scholars are magic-based characters in Be King 2, although they lack support abilities. The refocus ability gives you the opportunity to regain “focus”, a valuable resource, at the end of a turn in the overworld or dungeon. Additionally, scholars can use the “Find Scroll” feature to find scrolls. Equip scholars with staves and wands, focusing on items that enhance intelligence and resistance.

Stabler – versatile warrior:

While not the most popular category, stabilizing hands offer versatility. Its “Effort” ability provides an additional primary action when using the last focus, although it doesn’t trigger as frequently. Due to good Strength and Awareness statistics, the character can use bows, polearms, blades, and blunt weapons. Equip items that restore focus and increase strength and awareness, allowing characters to fill a variety of roles within the party.


for the king

For the King is an engaging roguelike role-playing video game developed by IronOak Games and published by Curve Games. The game first entered Early Access on the Steam platform in February 2017 and was fully released in April 2018. The game is set in the imaginative world of Fahrul, and gameplay primarily involves exploration, dungeon crawling, and the collection of new gear and weapons. One of its distinguishing features is the availability of co-op and single-player modes, allowing players to embark on an adventure alone or with friends. The game’s rich blend of strategy and turn-based combat, coupled with a challenging and ever-changing landscape, provides players with an engaging and rewarding experience.

For the king gameplay

In “For the King,” players experience a captivating blend of role-playing, strategy, and roguelike elements. They can choose from a variety of adventures, each offering unique challenges, and can enjoy the game in single-player or co-op mode. The game’s dynamically generated world ensures that every playthrough is a fresh experience with different landscapes and challenges.

Players can create a party of one to three characters, customizing their classes and attributes such as strength, vitality, and intelligence. Dice-based chance determines success in combat and exploration. A hexagonal tile map allows interaction with enemies and locations, and turn-based combat lets characters and enemies engage on the same tile. There are benefits to random events, and using focus increases your chances of success. Players travel across Fahrul, completing missions and engaging in combat, while the day and night cycle affects enemy encounters and the accessibility of shops in the town. For the King offers an ever-changing and engaging gaming experience.

“Be King 2” trailer

Overview of being king


Iron Oak Games


curve game


Colby Young




Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One

initial release

February 28, 2017 (early access), April 19, 2018 (full version)


Role-playing, Roguelike, Turn-based strategy


Single player game, multiplayer game

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