Fae Farm Patch 2.0.0 Patch Notes and Latest Updates

Fae Farm Patch 2.0.0 Patch Notes

PC only

  • Added rebinding for controllers on PC.
  • Added support for Nvidia DLSS, which can be enabled in the Settings > Graphics menu on PC when using a supported graphics card.
  • Improved behavior for confirming graphics settings changes, including adding countdown and auto-recovery.
  • The exit option has been merged into a button in the pause menu on PC – now selecting “…to title” or “…to desktop” in the confirmation popup.
  • Reduce shadow pop-up on PC.


  • The tool selector has been updated and can now be tabbed as before, or opened into a wheel for easier selection. – When leaving home for the first time after the update, a brief explanation popup will be displayed. – This new wheel can be accessed by holding R or L on Switch, RB or LB on PC controller, and is assigned to Q by default on keyboard (and can be bounced).
  • Your active tools will now persist when entering a new dungeon floor.
  • The time required to craft items on the garden bench has been reduced by two-thirds.
  • Harvesting items using the Vortex spell will now respect the Lucky Roll and Rich Fertilizer buffs.
  • Fixed an issue where the wand could become detached if you were standing on or near a door switch in a Saltwater Mine and waving it to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where you could become stuck if you fell off the map and were possessed by the Miasma in the Floating Ruins at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where respawned goal balls were not usable in floating ruins.

progress and tasks

  • Experience gained through fishing has been significantly increased across the board.
  • The final seed unlock has been moved from Farming Level 20 to Level 19.
  • Fertilizers and seeds unlocked based on farming level are now displayed in the progress screen.
  • Watering cans can now be refilled instantly after upgrading, bringing magical convenience.
  • Improved an issue where you could be temporarily blocked on a certain floor layout in the Charred Caverns if you didn’t have an Orichalcum Shovel.
  • Improved and clarified text in many job tasks to make objectives clearer.
  • Fixed an issue where Romance and Friendship quests required you to “reveal” items when “giving” them.
  • Fixed duplicate objectives in the main mission of Finding the Elf Mother.
  • Fixed a bug where using the tutorial skip option would not add basic tools to your almanac.

world and characters

  • A new Taoist temple has been added to Stay Bay. Can be unlocked using the newly added Jade Seal.
  • All vendor NPCs now have new, unique dialogue instead of using the same shared line pool.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some Fall-specific NPC dialogue lines from playing.
  • All critters can now blink!
  • Improved the prompt camera when approaching the Fae Gate to better capture it.
  • Fish should now be less likely to swim across the landscape.
  • Fixed an issue where some lights in the world would not light up when dark.
  • Improved texture detail on some paths.
  • Fixed graphical issues with fruit trees during their growth stage.
  • Fixed a graphical error that could occur when using a tool’s special ability behind a tree.
  • Many other minor environment art issues fixed and improved.
  • Fixed brows meet the square eye style.


  • The number of items that can be stored in the house storage room has been significantly increased.
  • Artificial wood flooring can now be crafted at the Lumber Station.
  • You can now walk under the pergola.
  • Removed the Research wallpaper from Emily’s Weird Extras store (it can still be found in the Healing House store, as it was originally intended) and removed the Rabbit wallpaper from the Potions Concepts store (it was a job quest reward) .
  • Sporewood Curly Q Fences are now correctly made of Sporewood instead of tremblewood.
  • Fixed some undiscovered items displaying incorrect icons in the almanac.
  • Fixed an issue where dropped animal amulets were showing as the wrong item.
  • Fixed multiple items appearing under the wrong section of the end-of-day summary screen.

animal care

  • Animal care interactions have been modified to be more intuitive: – Using the controller, the closest animal in the direction you are facing will be focused for interaction. – Using your mouse, you can focus your interactions with animals by hovering your cursor over a specific animal. – If multiple animals are in close proximity, prioritize those with excellent daily interactions. – Additional visual indicators will show the animal you are focused on.
  • Many other improvements and fixes have also been made to avoid input conflicts between multiple animals or between animals and stations on the farm grid.

multiplayer game

  • Fixed client automatically receiving the Crystal Staff when joining a moderator-unlocked session.
  • Fixed a bug where clients in a multiplayer session could see the wrong tool layer icon during the post-upgrade celebration moment.
  • Fixed an issue where some comfort items would still appear as the default color in the multiplayer client after being tinted on the console.
  • Fixed an issue where shadow clouds would pop up when closer than intended when playing as a multiplayer client.


  • An option has been added to the main menu to view and purchase available add-on content. The Phoenix Labs Friends screen has been moved to button inputs, listed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Improved feedback when trying to purchase a fishing rod or watering can to upgrade what you already have.
  • Fixed a bug where the new season popup could get stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed some places in the UI where potions were displaying their base duration instead of including the duration of any potion crafting level boosts you had.
  • Fixed an issue with reversed alphabetical order in the Storage screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong feed type was displayed in the barn tooltip when you had no feed type available.
  • Fixed a situation where the dungeon UI could incorrectly indicate that a door was open or closed.
  • Fixed a bug where default tools were displayed in the Tools UI instead of upgraded tools when launching the game.
  • Fixed a bug where certain input prompts could stop showing at the bottom of the screen during a game session, such as showing read messages or resetting relationships.
  • Fixed a stuck state that could occur if you quickly closed certain settings menus on a fresh install of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where certain road shrines could not be selected when playing in Chinese, Korean or Japanese.
  • Added missing “Select” button prompt in the “Edit Outfit” screen.

Different kinds

  • Improved handling of filtering for profanity in player settings names.
  • Updated base game credits and added credits for the Croatian coast.
  • Fixed a bug where exiting and reloading could give you rewards from a shipping contract multiple times.
  • Fixed Rainbow Frog sound effects still playing after being collected.
  • Fixed some spelling errors and other text errors in English and localized languages.
  • Added rebinding for controllers on PC. Added support for Nvidia DLSS, which can be enabled in the Settings > Graphics menu on PC when using a supported graphics card. Improved behavior for confirming graphics settings changes, including adding countdown and auto-recovery. The exit option has been merged into a button in the pause menu on PC – now selecting “…to title” or “…to desktop” in the confirmation popup. Reduce shadow pop-up on PC.

faye farm

Fae Farm is a charming farm life simulation game full of role-playing elements. It is created by Phoenix Labs and has been available on Windows and Nintendo Switch platforms since its release on September 8, 2023. This delightful game invites players to immerse themselves in a fascinating world of farming, cultivating a unique farming experience intertwined with engaging role-playing dynamics.

As players navigate the enchanting landscape of Fae Farm, they will discover a virtual haven where they can grow crops, raise livestock, and connect with whimsical characters in this digital realm. Whether on Windows PC or the portable Nintendo Switch, Fae Farm beckons players to embark on a journey filled with the fun of growing, exploring, and tending to their own virtual paradise.


Fae farm gameplay

Imagine you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island, only to be rescued by the friendly mayor of a hospitable farming community. In this engaging scenario, players are given an unused farm, setting the stage for a multi-faceted adventure.

In addition to the traditional fun of farming, the game also presents a rich experience. Wander the vast world, perform quests, delve into dungeons to fight, craft various items, and even form romantic relationships with villagers.

Personalization of homes in the game becomes a meaningful aspect, as players craft furniture that not only decorates their living spaces but also enhances their character’s attributes. Interestingly, magic potions can be used to avoid combat, making characters invisible, thus introducing an element of strategy.

It’s worth noting that the game takes a forgiving approach to challenge – characters don’t face permanent consequences from extreme elements or dangers. Instead, they returned to town safely without any lasting punishment. The multiplayer aspect adds another layer of fun, supporting up to four players in a collaborative adventure, either online or locally on Nintendo Switch.

Fae farm trailer

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