Every Bill Skarsgård Horror Movie & TV Show, Ranked


  • Bill Skarsgård excels in horror projects, surpassing his talented family in Hollywood.

  • Skarsgård’s various horror roles show his versatility and range as an actor.

  • From playing Pennywise to embodying nuanced characters, Skarsgård is a horror legend on the rise.


Bill Skarsgård is quickly proving his talent for starring in horror projects with a growing number of iconic horror roles. Skarsgård comes from a family of incredibly talented people who have become incredibly popular and well-known in Hollywood. While his father, Stellan Skarsgård, is currently potentially the most recognizable actor within the family for his roles in thor, Dune, my mother, and more, Bill has quickly surpassed his brothers, Alexander and Gustaf. However, Bill is also establishing his career within a niche that the rest of his family has not yet entered; horror.

Since the age of 10, Bill has appeared on television and film in European productions, before taking on American and English roles. However, his big break came when he landed the lead role of the terrifying Pennywise the Clown in 2017. He. From that moment on, Skarsgård’s path to becoming a horror legend has continued. Now, he will star in several more iconic horror remakes, with The Raven and Nosferatuin which he plays the main role. However, Skarsgård has already racked up several other horror credits to his name, all of which are worthy entries within the genre.

7 Murder Nation (2018)

bill skarsgard in Assassination Nation

In 2018, Skarsgård landed a small supporting role in Murder NationAfter his great success in He. The film received generally positive reviews, although it did not gain widespread popularity. As an independent production, the release was fairly small, but it stands out as a solid horror and satirical comedy film. The story follows a group of people from the town of Salem, who become targets of a series of cyberattacks that expose their secrets to the world.

While some important figures in the city are initially targeted, leading to their tragic and shocking demise, the hacker soon turns on students like Lily, exposing their cheating and lewd behavior. Skarsgård plays Mark, Lily’s unwilling boyfriend who turns against her once the secrets of her disloyalty are revealed, and he spreads the information further, leading to her falling from grace and being brutally attacked. Skarsgård does a great job despite his minor role, but this is also one of his smallest roles in a horror film to date.

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6 Villains (2019)


villains is a black comedy horror film starring Skarsgård as the protagonist, Mickey. The film first premiered at the 2019 South by Southwest festival before receiving a wider public release later that same year. The film follows two young men who rob a gas station and leave to start a new life in another state. However, on the way, they have car trouble and approach an isolated house to seek help.

Where the film breaks down and becomes incredibly unique and exciting is the idea of ​​pitting one group of criminals against another group of criminals, and playing into the silly and fun nature of the film. Mickey and his girlfriend rob a gas station at gunpoint, but when they discover a couple’s dark secret, they are horrified and try to fix things. As a black comedy, the film relies heavily on the ridiculous and comedic moments of these characters fighting. Skarsgård does an incredible job playing a character full of nuances and layers that shows that he is more than just another villain.

5 It: Chapter Two (2019)

Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise is coming in It Chapter 2

Also in 2019, Skarsgård returned to his featured role, playing Pennywise in his second appearance in It: Chapter Two. The films, which are based on the incredible novel by horror legend Stephen King, were split into two films to capture the full scale of the story unfolding over several decades. While the first film primarily explored the children fighting the evil entity in Derry, the sequel moved forward in time to see the children grow up and return to their childhood homes to confront the evil they believed they had overcome as children. .

The film is noticeably less powerful than the original, as it has the difficult task of tying up loose ends and jumping between eras to provide a satisfying and meaningful resolution to the story. While the first film could focus on one aspect and refine the overall quality. However, Skarsgård stands out for his impeccable performance in both. His ability to transform and completely become a monster that could only exist in the imagination is incredible and does justice to a character that seemed impossible to properly adapt to. From his voice to his facial expressions, Skarsgård excels as Pennywise.

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4 Hemlock forest (2013-2015)

Hemlock Grove Bill Skarsgard as Roman Godfrey looking at his reflection in the mirror

Early in his career, before breaking into Hollywood, Skarsgård had a starring role in the popular Netflix horror series, hemlock grove. The series explores the events that occur in a small Pennsylvania community that seems to be shrouded in mystery and misfortune. Hemlock Grove is plagued by murder, monsters, and massive disparity. The town is also largely run by the wealthy Godfrey family, who seem to be involved in everything that happens there. Skarsgård plays the heir to Godfrey’s empire and fortune, Roman, and befriends a newcomer to town named Peter Rumancek.

Together, Roman and Peter set out to discover what’s really happening in the city, while trying to keep their own dark secrets. While these characters are the heroic protagonists of the story, each has a dark side, with Roman being an Upir, which is closely related to the more well-known vampires, and Peter being a werewolf. Once again, Skarsgård demonstrates his talent and range in a role that required a lot of him, and he did a great job leading the series during its limited three-season run.

3 Barbarian (2022)

Bill Skarsgård in Barbarian

Barbarian is a wild, intense horror thriller from writer-director Zach Cregger that initially debuted at the 2022 San Diego Comic Con before opening in theaters later that year. The film stars Skarsgård alongside Georgina Campbell and veteran horror star Justin Long. The film is dark and intense, with a compelling story that draws viewers in and keeps them guessing what will happen next until the end.

Skarsgård plays Keith, a man who books a rental house, but is soon joined by a woman who appears to have also been sold the reservation. The pair quickly become comfortable with each other and agree to share accommodation, with Keith staying on the couch, but then things take a turn. This is one of the few roles in which Skarsgård plays a genuinely good and innocent character, unlike films in which he is usually a villain or antihero. However, Skarsgård’s versatility allows him to play the role perfectly.

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2 Castle Rock (2018-2019)

Bill Skarsgard behind bars in Castle Rock

Another horror television series in which Skarsgård had a starring role was rock castle, which aired between 2018 and 2019 on Hulu. Fittingly, the story is based on a combination of elements from Stephen King’s imagination, and aired between Skarsgård appearing in the first and second. He Films. rock castle is an anthology-style series, with the first and second seasons mostly independent of each other, despite having some small crossovers and connections. The show is largely a psychological horror with elements of mystery and suspense incorporated throughout.

Skarsgård was present in both seasons, with a major role in season 1 and a minor return in the second and final season. He plays a mysterious and tragic character known as The Kid, who seems to cause havoc and chaos wherever he goes. He spent decades trapped alone in a prison, and his previous security guard believed he was the devil. The Kid is a pivotal figure in the series around which many of the mysteries revolve and Skarsgård does a fantastic job playing a conflicted and dangerous figure shrouded in mystery.

1 That (2017)

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise smiling in the shadows of the drain in the 2017 horror film It

Ultimately, Skarsgård’s best and most notable performance in a horror project to date remains the one that established him as a notable figure within that space. Playing Pennywise in 2017 He film, Skarsgård immediately became a sensation for his exceptional talent and his ability to turn into a monster, with the help of some practical costumes and computer-generated horrors. Pennywise is one of the most terrifying creatures in modern horror, and Skarsgård embodies the role in a way that he seems impossible to replicate. From the contortions of his facial expressions to the creepy movements he uses in his performance, he is equally terrifying and admirable.

The first film introduces and establishes the supernatural horror that plagues the city of Derry. An air of anger, hatred and violence that permeates the city and seems to poison the citizens towards horrible and cruel acts. And at the center of it all, there is an unknowable creature that embodies fear, changing shape to torment the community and revealing a dark, monstrous side to the citizens. Pennywise is truly Bill Skarsgård’s most incredible performance to date, but with so many great titles on the horizon, he’s sure to create brighter, scarier characters in the near future.

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