Eternal Tower Defense Tier List 2023 and More Details

Eternal tower defense game

Eternity Tower Defense is a Roblox game in the tower defense genre with an anime theme. In this game, the player takes on the role of defending against waves of enemies by strategically placing various characters (often inspired by popular anime) to prevent advancing enemies from reaching a certain point or objective.

Core gameplay generally involves managing resources to summon and upgrade characters with unique abilities and advantages. As players progress through the game, they can earn currency or rewards that can be used to enhance their lineup and strengthen their defenses.

The beauty of Aion Defense is that it blends tower defense strategy with the appeal of playing with beloved anime characters. Players strive to build the most effective defensive formations, strategically utilizing their characters’ abilities to overcome increasingly challenging enemies.

Eternal Tower Defense Level List 2023

This list divides the characters in the game into different levels. It’s a good strategy to target the S-tier characters first, as they are the most powerful. After that, consider the characters in Tier A, which are still strong. Then there’s Class B, which is average, followed by Class C, which is below average, and finally Class D, which is the weakest character. Therefore, focusing on S-class characters is a wise choice for the success of the game.




– Janemba (Hell Sword)

– Super Saiyan Gogeta (Rebirth)

– Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (Rage)

– Byakuya Kuchiki (Bian Hai)

——Dracul Mihawk

– Kenpachi Zaraki (full strength)


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– Super Saiyan Goku (Wrath)

– Aaron

– Super Saiyan Gogeta

– Shanks (Conqueror Haki)

——Zaraki Kenpachi

– Jamba


——Gojo Satoru

——Jotaro Kujo

– Shanks

–Kuchiki Byakuya

– Super Saiyan Goku


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– Rimuru Tempest

– Zoro

– Tanjiro

– Naruto (Sage Mode)


– Luffy

– Naruto

– Wukong

– Kirito



Eternal Tower Defense Guide

In “Aion Defense”, your adventure starts with 1,000 gems. To begin, simply press the Summon button and select “10x Summon” twice to summon the first group of 20 units. After summoning, go to your inventory and equip your best 5 or 6 units, keeping in mind that the differences between duplicate units will be minimal.

Then, go to the “Eternal Quests” panel located behind you and select “Challenging” or “Easy” Eternal Quests, which refresh every 3 hours. In addition to eternal quests and wave progression, you can earn gems by completing various quests. Click Play, select Eternal mode, and explore one of the three available maps, each inspired by popular anime locations.

To unlock the next map, you must reach wave 50 on the current map, turning on “Challenge Mode,” which is harder, has better rewards, and has a chance to earn secret units. This guide will set you on the path to enjoying Eternal Tower Defense’s strategy gameplay and anime-themed adventure.

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