Escape From Tarkov Arena Preorder, Price, and How to Play Escape From Tarkov Arena Early?

Escape from Tarkov Arena pre-order

Escape from Tarkov: Arena, the highly anticipated standalone game in the Escape from Tarkov series, is now available for pre-order on its dedicated website. This new gaming experience puts players into the heart of gladiatorial combat in the cityscape of Tarkov. Set against the backdrop of the ongoing war between USEC and the BEAR private military company, Arena offers players a unique opportunity to engage in exciting PvP and PvE encounters.

By pre-ordering for 37 euros, players can secure access to the game’s closed beta phase. Additionally, early birds can unlock Ryzhy’s gear presets from the Ryzhy Chronicles series, adding a unique touch to their in-game arsenal. Notably, existing owners of the Limited Edition of Escape from Tarkov: Edge of Darkness will automatically receive Arena access at no additional cost.

Escape from tarkov arena price

The price for pre-ordering Escape from Tarkov: Arena tickets is 37 euros. While the game offers a standalone experience, Battlestate Games also makes gestures to its loyal fan base. Owners of the Dark Edge Edition of Escape from Tarkov (which sells for a higher price of $110) will find that they can seamlessly enter the arena as part of the season pass benefits.

This means they can enter gladiatorial combat at no additional cost. For players who own other versions of Escape from Tarkov (such as the Standard Edition, Stay Behind Edition, or Prepare to Escape Edition), they need to purchase it separately to unlock the arena gate. This expanded experience promises to combine familiar Tarkov elements with innovative gameplay, providing a fresh perspective on the series’ universe.


How to play Escape from Tarkov Arena early?

For players eager to get started before everyone else, the path is clear: pre-order Escape from Tarkov: Arena through the official website. Doing so ensures entry into the game’s closed beta phase, allowing players to venture into the Tarkov City Arena and engage in intense battles ahead of its full release. However, if you’re already an owner of Escape from Tarkov’s Edge of Darkness Edition, you’re in luck.

This premium version comes bundled with Arena access, giving you a front-row seat to gladiatorial clashes at no additional cost. This early access opportunity opens the door to the intense combat and strategic gameplay that Arena promises to deliver.

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is the brainchild of Battlestate Games and immerses players in the fictional Novinsk region, where a fierce conflict breaks out between the private military companies USEC and BEAR. When participating in sessions known as “Raids,” players battle not only each other but also AI-controlled enemies in pursuit of valuable loot. The highly anticipated standalone add-on game Escape from Tarkov: Arena brings a whole new dimension to the series.

Players will participate in gladiatorial-style battles in different arenas across the Tarkov cityscape. The Arena, organized by mysterious Arena Masters and their mysterious masters, presents a new chapter in the Escape from Tarkov saga. Players will experience a unique blend of Tarkov’s core mechanics in this exciting standalone expansion.

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