Elden Ring: How To Find (& Defeat) Great Wyrm Theodorix

Great Wyrm Theodorix is Elden’s Ring Located at the foot of Frozen Falls, east of Bleak Dungeon. Similar to the hedron dragon Adura, Theodorix drops three dragon hearts upon death, consisting of 180,000 fat runes. The boss fight with the Great Wyrm has the same function as the Magma Wyrm Makar in Ruin Cliffs Elden’s RingAltus Plateau. Theodorix charged into the fray on all fours, spewing magma angrily from his mouth as he chased his target. After losing 50%, the boss turns into a biped and uses his Scale Sword as a deadly weapon.

Before the poisoned Wyrm Hunter can face the Great Wyrm Theodorix Elden’s Ring, they must replace the beast, the sacred snowfield on top of the giant mountain. This area is off-limits to those who have not yet ventured through the secret passage to Harry Gatorley. This feat involves the tedious task of collecting the secret Hallitree Medal. Alternatively, crafty adventurers can jump from the ridge near the towering tent and respawn at Marika Stake, northwest of Minor Erdtree. This method essentially bypasses the entire process Elden’s RingHalitere Medal.

After finding Theodorix the Great Dragon in his lair at the east end of Glacier Canyon, Elden’s Ring The player has several options to deal with this boss battle. They can face the Wyrm in 1v1 combat on their back or on the ground, or they can use one of several techniques to defeat the boss.

Defeat the Great Wyrm Theodorix in the Elden Ring

First, the traditional method of defeating the Great Wyrm Theodorix is ​​to fight the dragon directly by luring it out of its narrow lair and attacking its rear. For any magma wyrm boss, the Behemoth’s tail is the safest place to fight and the monster’s most vulnerable place. However, in his second phase, Theodorix becomes highly mobile and can swing his sword from many angles. While the backend remains the primary target, Tarnished will have to keep an eye on Wyrm’s next move.

On the other hand, for those who want less of a challenge, mocking Theodorix is ​​a more mischievous but more effective approach. Players will first notice a giant crab and octopus landing on the icy path leading to the boss. If provoked, these giant creatures will chase the player and eventually engage the Great Wyrm. Although their performance will depend on RNG, it is possible to halve the boss’s HP with these two mobs. Another way to eat the cheese is to use one of the many high ledges to attack Theodorix from a safe distance. The best location is the corpse with the ancient dragon forging stone Elden’s Ring On a frozen waterfall. Fortunately, the dragon had no means of counterattacking from afar, so it was easily defeated by Bleak from above.

Elden’s Ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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