EA PGA Tour Update 1.000.017 Patch Notes and Updates

EA PGA Tour Update 1.000.017 Patch Notes

  • New specs for Season 9:
    • The Championship now has specs with increased ratings, with new Season 9 Precision and Impact Series specs being awarded this season.
  • Gameplay:
    • Fixed an orange circle effect appearing when blocking shots when Aim Arc is set to Off.
    • Fixed ball repositioning logic so that it is always disabled for balls on the green. This will be noticeable on holes like Harbor Town #14 and Sawgrass #17 if the ball is hit onto the green near the water.
  • online:
    • Removed the “Unplayable Lies” menu option from online and private match modes as it was previously disabled and was inadvertently enabled in a recent patch.
    • Fixed an issue that would sometimes see remote golfers immediately step up to hit the ball and return when it was their turn to play.
  • championship:
    • Updated the Tournament Select widget to replace “Hole Selection” and “Game Mode” information with “Tee Position” and “Mechanical Style” to give players a better understanding of tournament settings before registering.
  • Training classes:
    • [The Country Club] Fixed an issue where the Country Club’s hole preview images were in the wrong order in the custom hole selection screen.
    • [Torrey Pines] Fixed an issue on hole 8 where one of the online spectator cameras was viewing the wrong hole.
  • user interface:
    • [Career] Updated the PGA logo to use a white version of the logo across multiple screens to make it easier to see.
    • [Course Select] Updated alphabetical sorting so that it no longer takes case into account.
    • [Custom Hole Select] Fixed so that highlight color no longer remains on each hole after highlighting.
    • [Online] Fixed an issue with loading screen colors being darker than expected and text formatting so that longer course names match correctly.
    • [Pro Pass] Quantity labels have been removed from Pro Pass levels.
    • [Quests] Removed redundant progress indicators from many Road to PGA mission objectives.
    • [Skills] Fixed the course fit widget to more accurately represent the contribution of a golfer’s skill and specification to each attribute.
    • [Skins] Fixed “Skin Wins” value in game scorecard.
    • [Skins] Fixed scorecard missing thousands separator.
    • [Text] Fixed some inconsistent terminology such as “coins” instead of “reward points” and “activate golfer” instead of “select golfer”.
  • gear:
    • Fixed a clipping issue on the back of the Skeleton Quarter zip collar.
  • Stablize:
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a task was unavailable.
    • Fixed a soft lock that could occur after changing first-party profiles in the main menu.
    • Other crash and stability related fixes.

EA Sports PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is a long-running golf video game series produced by Electronic Arts (EA). It started in 1990 and features courses on the PGA Tour and famous courses hosting major events.

In 1998, EA partnered with golfer Tiger Woods and the event was named the Tiger Woods PGA Tour. They release a new game every year. While most of the games are produced by EA Sports, some are developed by other companies, such as the first game, Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf.

These games brought new things to golf video games, such as the now common three-strike swing method. Back in 1995, a GamePro reviewer stated that the PGA Series stood out because players had complete control over their shots and played on top-notch courses. Despite this, it often competes with other golf games such as the Jack Nicklaus series, Links series, Microsoft Golf, and Pro Golf.

Between 1999 and 2013, EA’s game partnership with Tiger Woods generated nearly $771 million. But in 2013, EA ended its partnership with Woods and replaced him with another top golfer, Rory McIlroy. The game, called Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, launched in 2015 and McIlroy became the new face of the series.

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EA Sports PGA Tour Gameplay

The new game brings some fresh stuff like “Pure Strike” gameplay, which deals with different parts of hitting a golf ball. It also connects to ShotLink (the PGA Tour’s statistical tool) and TrackMan. Players can play as real Tour pros like Cameron Champ and Tony Finau, as well as Nelly Korda and Jordan Spieth ) et al.

One cool thing about this game is that it has 30 courses right from the start. One of them is Augusta National Golf Club, which returns to golf after playing in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

EA Sports PGA Tour Development

The new EA Sports PGA Tour game was first talked about in March 2021. Just like the previous game, this game also uses the Frostbite engine.

Initially, it was supposed to launch in early 2022, around the same time as the 2022 Masters. But for reasons they didn’t tell us, the launch was delayed a few times. Finally, it hit the shelves on April 7, 2023. This day is compared with the date of the second round of the Masters that year, which was originally scheduled to be March 24.

EA Sports PGA Tour Overview


EA Tiburon


Electronic Arts Sports


pga tour




PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X/S

release date

April 7, 2023




Single player, multiplayer

EA Sports PGA Tour Trailer

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