EA Fc 24 Pepsi Rewards: How to Claim EA Fc 24 Pepsi Rewards?

EA Sports FC 24

“EA Sports FC 24” is the first release in the EA Sports FC series, a football-themed video game. Developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania, it marks EA Sports’ continued foray into football games, following the FIFA series, which ended with FIFA 23. As the 31st work, the game will be launched globally on September 29, 2023.

It’s available on major platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. While EA hasn’t defined what “FC” exactly means, their marketing suggests it stands for “Football Club,” which is consistent with the game’s tagline: “EA SPORTS FC is built by fans for fans and is our new vision for the future of football.” Football Club” wants to build together.

EA FC 24 Pepsi Rewards

“EA FC 24 Pepsi Rewards” is an exclusive bundle of in-game items for players in select regions around the world, tied to a unique partnership between EA Sports and Pepsi to celebrate the launch of the football game. While limited to certain regions, it provides access to exclusive items not otherwise available.

One notable change for this release is the removal of the FIFA label from the series, allowing for wider brand recognition. The launch of EA FC 24 Pepsi rewards reflects this shift, marking a significant departure from previous years. This promotion echoes the recent Nike MadReady promotion available to all early access users, further highlighting the new promotional direction in the game.

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How to claim EA FC 24 Pepsi rewards?

Buy a bottle of Pepsi:

  • Buy a bottle of Pepsi from a store near you.

Remove bottle banner:

  • Carefully peel off the label or banner from the bottle to reveal the inside.

Unique code found:

  • Inside the label, you will find a unique code printed on it.

Visit the PepsiCo website:

  • Visit PepsiCo’s official website using your favorite web browser.

Redeem code:

  • Enter the unique code when prompted to redeem a code on the PepsiCo website.

Link your EA account:

  • During the redemption process, please make sure to link your EA (Electronic Arts) account to successfully redeem.

Get gifts:

  • After redeeming the code, the gifted items will automatically be available in your in-game store in Ultimate Team mode.

EA Sports FC 24 Overview


EA Vancouver, EA Romania


Electronic Arts Sports




Frostbite 3


– Nintendo Switch

– PlayStation 4

– PlayStation 5

– Windows

– Xbox One

– Xbox Series X/S


September 29, 2023




Single player, multiplayer

EA Sports FC 24 Gameplay

EA Sports FC 24 offers an immersive gaming experience centered around the world of football. Players can dive into a variety of exciting game modes, each offering a unique way to enjoy the sport. Pro Club mode allows players to create or join a club, customize their players and participate in competitive 11v11 matches. Career mode offers a managerial perspective, allowing decisions on transfers, contracts, training, and the option to compete as a player or manager. Ultimate Team allows players to build their dream team using player cards to compete in challenges, leagues and tournaments.

The game itself mirrors real-life football, involving actions such as passing, dribbling, shooting, defending and strategic positioning on the field. Realistic ball physics and player movements enhance the authenticity of the gameplay.

Managing your team through formations, lineups and tactics is an important aspect that allows for a personalized gaming experience. Challenges and objectives provide ways to earn rewards and in-game currency, promoting continued engagement. Additionally, multiplayer functionality allows players to compete against each other, ensuring a dynamic and competitive gaming environment. With regular updates introducing new features and enhancements, “EA Sports FC 24” keeps gameplay fresh and engaging for football fans.

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