Divinity Original Sin Walkthrough, Guide, and Gameplay

Divinity Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin is a role-playing video game created by Larian Studios. This game is the fourth main installment in the Divinity series and serves as a prequel to the first game, Divine Divinity, as well as the other main games in the series. It was initially launched on Microsoft Windows on June 30, 2014. One unique feature of the game is that it was partially funded through Kickstarter, allowing fans to contribute to its development.

What sets it apart is that it comes with an editor that players can use to craft their own single-player and multiplayer adventures, which they can then share online. This feature enhances the game’s longevity and creativity. Due to its success and popularity, a re-release known as Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition was introduced. This edition brought an expanded storyline and new gameplay options to the game and was made available on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, and OS X in 2015.

Critics praised the game for its ability to modernize the role-playing game (RPG) genre and breathed new life into it. The positive reception and fan enthusiasm for Divinity: Original Sin led to the development and release of a sequel, Divinity: Original Sin II, in 2017, continuing the franchise’s legacy in the world of RPGs.

Divinity Original Sin Walkthrough 

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough for Divinity: Original Sin, covering the entire game:

Part 1: Cyseal and the Murder Investigation

  • Start the game as the Source Hunters, a pair of heroes. Customize their appearance and choose their attributes, skills, and abilities.
  • Receive orders to investigate the murder of a town councilor in Cyseal.
  • Explore Cyseal and gather clues from NPCs, including witness testimonies and suspicious behavior.
  • Discover evidence pointing to a Sourcerer conspiracy linked to the Immaculates, a cult in the Luculla Forest.
  • Encounter the White Witch, Icara, and learn about her involvement in the murder.
  • Witness Cyseal under siege by orcs and undead, orchestrated by the Immaculates.
  • Make your way to the Luculla Forest, seeking more answers about the murder.

Part 2: Luculla Forest and the Immaculate Cult

  • Investigate the Luculla Forest and encounter dangerous creatures and puzzles.
  • Uncover the Immaculate cult’s activities, including mining the toxic metal “tenebrium” and creating indestructible Death Knights.
  • Find evidence linking the cult to the murder and uncover their plans.
  • Locate Icara in Hiberheim, trapped by the Conduit.
  • Free Icara and learn about the true identity of the Conduit, who is revealed to be Leandra, Icara’s estranged sister.
  • Ally with Icara against the common enemy and infiltrate the Immaculates to gather information.

Part 3: Hunter’s Edge and the Source Temple

  • Follow the Conduit’s trail to Hunter’s Edge, a town overrun by the Immaculates, orcs, and mercenaries.
  • Discover directions left by Zandalor, Icara’s lover and Leandra’s nemesis, leading to an ancient Source Temple.
  • Explore the Source Temple in the Phantom Forest, solving puzzles and battling enemies.
  • Encounter Zandalor and learn about Leandra’s objective, the God Box, located in the First Garden.
  • Prepare for the final confrontation with Leandra and Trife.

Part 4: First Garden and the Battle with Leandra

  • Enter the First Garden and confront Leandra, who has been manipulated by the Trife.
  • Depending on earlier choices, restore the soulforge between Leandra and Icara or engage in a battle against Leandra.
  • Reach the God Box and join forces with Astarte to destroy the Trife.
  • Face the Void Dragon summoned by the Trife in a climactic battle.
  • Banish the Void Dragon back into the God Box with the help of Astarte, who remains to guard it.

Part 5: Conclusion and New Adventures

  • Depart from the First Garden and witness the aftermath of the battle.
  • Reflect on the corruption of the Source, the manipulation of the gods, and the consequences of power.
  • Embark on new adventures outside the First Garden, ready to explore the world and face new challenges.

Part 6

  • Upon reaching Hunter’s Edge, you find the town overrun by Immaculate, orcs, and barbarian mercenaries.
  • Explore the town and talk to the inhabitants to gather information about the situation.
  • Find a letter left behind by Zandalor, Icara’s lover and Leandra’s nemesis. It points you toward an ancient Source Temple hidden in the Phantom Forest.
  • Make your way to the Phantom Forest, battling through enemies along the way.
  • Once in the Phantom Forest, follow the path until you reach the Source Temple entrance.

Part 7

  • Inside the Source Temple, explore the chambers and solve puzzles to progress.
  • Keep an eye out for traps and enemies as you navigate the temple’s corridors.
  • As you delve deeper, you’ll encounter Zandalor, who reveals Leandra’s objective: the God Box in the First Garden.
  • Learn as much as you can from Zandalor before continuing your journey through the temple.

Part 8

  • Exit the Source Temple and make your way to the First Garden, where the God Box is located.
  • The First Garden is a dangerous and treacherous place, so be prepared for challenging battles and puzzles.
  • Explore the Garden and interact with its unique inhabitants, including Astarte, the goddess of life.
  • Confront Leandra in the First Garden and, depending on your choices and actions, either restore her soulforge with Icara or engage in a final battle against her.

Part 9

  • After dealing with Leandra, enter the chamber where the God Box is kept.
  • Join forces with Astarte to battle the Trife, a demonic being manipulating Leandra and seeking to unleash the Void Dragon.
  • Engage in a titanic battle against the Void Dragon, using all your skills and abilities to overcome it.
  • With the help of Astarte, banish the Void Dragon back into the God Box.

Part 10

  • Astarte remains behind to guard the God Box for eternity, thanking you for your assistance.
  • Leave the First Garden and return to the world of Rivellon, where a new adventure awaits you.
  • Reflect on the revelations about the corruption of the Source and the manipulations of the gods.
  • Prepare yourself for the challenges and quests that lie ahead in your continued journey within the Divinity: Original Sin world.

Part 11: Hunter’s Edge

  • Upon reaching Hunter’s Edge, you’ll find the town overrun by Immaculate, orcs, and barbarian mercenaries.
  • Explore the town and gather any useful information from the NPCs you encounter.
  • Look for directions left behind by the wizard Zandalor, Icara’s lover, which points you toward an ancient Source Temple hidden in the Phantom Forest.

Part 12: Source Temple

  • Make your way to the Source Temple located in the Phantom Forest.
  • Inside the Temple, you’ll find Zandalor. Speak with him to gather important information about Leandra’s plans.
  • Explore the Source Temple thoroughly, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges as you progress.

Part 13: Confronting Leandra

  • Follow the clues and make your way to the First Garden, where you will confront Leandra.
  • If you have discovered the means to do so, you can attempt to restore the soulforge between Leandra and Icara, prompting Leandra to acknowledge her evil deeds.
  • Engage in a battle against Leandra if restoring the soulforge is not possible.

Part 14: The God Box

  • Reach the God Box, the artifact that contains the Source corruption, alongside Astarte, the goddess of life.
  • Prepare for a climactic battle against the Trife, the demonic being manipulating Leandra and seeking to unleash the Void Dragon on the world.
  • Join forces with Astarte to banish the Void Dragon back into the God Box.

Part 15: Astarte’s Revelation

  • After the battle, Astarte reveals that other gods were aware of the corruption of the Source and knowingly allowed it to occur.
  • Astarte stays to guard the God Box for all eternity, expressing gratitude to the Source Hunters for their efforts.
  • Witness the consequences of the Source Hunters’ actions and the impact they have had on the world.

Part 16

  • After the events in the Phantom Forest, head back to Hunter’s Edge, which is now free from the Immaculate’s control.
  • In Hunter’s Edge, you’ll find Zandalor waiting for you near the chapel. Speak with him to learn more about Leandra’s plans and the location of the Source Temple.
  • Zandalor will provide you with directions to the Source Temple in the Phantom Forest. Make sure to stock up on supplies before leaving.

Part 17

  • Travel back to the Phantom Forest and follow Zandalor’s directions to reach the Source Temple entrance.
  • Explore the Source Temple, battling through various enemies and solving puzzles along the way. Use your Source abilities wisely.
  • As you progress deeper into the temple, you’ll eventually find Zandalor again. Speak with him to gather more information about Leandra’s goals.

Part 18

  • Continue exploring the Source Temple, facing challenging encounters and uncovering the temple’s secrets.
  • Retrieve the Blood Stone from the heart of the temple. It is an essential item needed to access the First Garden.
  • Make sure to thoroughly search the temple for any valuable loot and resources before proceeding.

Part 19

  • With the Blood Stone in hand, return to the Homestead and use it on the Star Stone located there.
  • This will transport you and your party to the First Garden, a realm outside of regular spacetime.
  • Inside the First Garden, navigate through its ethereal landscapes, solving puzzles, and overcoming trials to reach the heart of the realm.

Part 20

  • In the heart of the First Garden, confront Leandra, who is now possessed by the Trife, the demonic entity manipulating her.
  • Depending on previous choices and actions, you can attempt to restore the soulforge between Leandra and Icara or engage in a battle against her.
  • Fight against Leandra and the Trife in an intense showdown, using your skills, tactics, and the powers granted by Astarte.
  • Ultimately, banish the Trife and defeat Leandra, saving Rivellon from their destructive plans.
  • Watch the concluding cutscenes, as the Source Hunters fulfill their destiny and embark on new adventures.


Divinity Original Sin Plot

In Divinity: Original Sin, players take on the roles of two customizable protagonists known as “Source Hunters.” These hunters are part of an organization dedicated to eradicating a dangerous form of magic called “Source” and those who wield it. In the game’s single-player mode, the player controls both hunters, while in two-player co-op, each player takes control of one.

Their journey begins with orders to investigate the murder of a town councilor in the port town of Cyseal, which is under siege by orcs and undead. They soon uncover a conspiracy involving Sourcerers linked to the Immaculates, a cult based in the Luculla Forest. The White Witch, guardian of the forest, is implicated in the murder. After freeing her from imprisonment, she reveals herself as Icara and, despite admitting to the accidental killing of the councilor, the Source Hunters choose to ally with her against the common enemy: the Immaculates led by the Conduit, who is revealed to be Icara’s estranged sister, Leandra.

The Source Hunters infiltrate the cult to uncover Leandra’s plans and discover the sinister use of a toxic metal called “tenebrium” and the creation of indestructible undead warriors known as “Death Knights.” Throughout their journey, the Source Hunters encounter magical crystals called “Star Stones,” some of which have been transformed into “blood stones” by the Immaculates.

These stones transport them to the “Homestead,” a mysterious fortress beyond regular spacetime that feels strangely familiar. As they collect more Star Stones, they learn that the Source was once a benevolent magic associated with Astarte, the goddess of life, before being corrupted by the Void, an evil force from beyond the material world. The Source Hunters themselves are revealed to be reincarnations of two ancient generals who imprisoned the Source corruption in an artifact known as “the God Box” and were granted godlike powers to guard it.

However, their failure allowed the corruption to escape and take the form of a giant dragon, leading to Astarte’s eternal battle against it in the Void. In penance for their past actions, the Guardians chose to be reborn as ordinary humans in Rivellon, with the Star Stones representing fragments of their lost memories. Icara urges the Source Hunters to stop Leandra, who is manipulated by a demonic being called “the Trife” to unleash the Void Dragon upon the world. The Source Hunters must either restore the severed “soulforge” between the sisters or confront and defeat Leandra to prevent this catastrophe.

Their journey takes them to the Source Temple, where they learn of Leandra’s objective: the God Box in the First Garden, accessible from the Homestead. In the climactic showdown, they join forces with Astarte to defeat the Trife and banish the Void Dragon back into the God Box, with Astarte vowing to guard it for eternity. The Source Hunters leave the First Garden, ready for new adventures.

Divinity Original Sin Gameplay

Divinity: Original Sin is an engaging role-playing game set in the Divinity universe. In this game, players step into the shoes of two heroes on a thrilling adventure. One of the standout features of the game is its turn-based combat system, which adds a strategic element to battles, making each encounter exciting and challenging. Whether playing alone or with a friend, cooperative multiplayer is an option, allowing players to team up and tackle the game’s quests and challenges together.

One of the remarkable aspects of Divinity: Original Sin is its interactive world. Players have the freedom to explore a richly detailed and dynamic game world where their choices and actions have consequences. Additionally, the game comes equipped with a modding tool that enables players to create their own content, adding a layer of customization and creativity to the experience. With its combination of engaging gameplay, cooperative play, interactivity, and the ability to create new content, Divinity: Original Sin offers a captivating adventure for RPG enthusiasts.

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