Diablo 4 Leveling Tier List, Best Classes and Builds

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 introduces a diverse roster of five playable classes: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Each class has a unique set of skills and abilities to suit different play styles and preferences.

When it comes to leveling up in Diablo 4, certain classes prove to be more conducive to the rapid development of the story, allowing players to reach the game’s ending efficiently. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a Diablo 4 upgrade tier list that evaluates different categories and their corresponding versions based on how long it takes to upgrade.

Diablo 4 upgrade level list

Diablo 4’s upgrade tier list consists of three different tiers: S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier. These grades rank from best to worst based on several key factors. Evaluations consider three main areas: overall damage output, single-player proficiency, and mobility. By considering these factors, players can determine the efficiency and effectiveness of each build for upgrade purposes.

In the S tier, you’ll find classes and builds that specialize in dealing significant Area of ​​Effect (AOE) and Crowd Control (CC) damage. These options are especially beneficial for newbies, as they provide accessibility and are ideal for single-player play. With these builds, players can complete the game quickly and overcome challenges with relative ease.

Moving to Tier A, we encounter classes and builds that strike a balance between damage output and utility. While their damage may be slightly lower compared to S-tier options, these versions still offer enough firepower to easily complete the base game’s story and defeat most dungeon bosses. They’re suitable for single-player play and possess enough mobility to effectively navigate encounters, even before reaching end-game content.

Finally, B Tier contains classes and builds that deal considerable damage, but may present a challenge for newcomers. They’re not very suitable for single-player gaming and lack the same level of mobility as premium options. However, these builds will still work if used by experienced players who are familiar with their play style.

By referring to Diablo 4’s upgrade tier list, players can make informed decisions about which classes and builds fit their desired playstyle and upgrade goals. When choosing a build that suits your preferences and goals, it’s important to consider factors like damage output, single-player proficiency, and mobility.

S class


put up


Twisted Blade Thief


chain lightning magician


Flurry of Thieves

The Twisted Blade Rogue version is currently considered the most agile and aggressive version in Diablo 4. It offers superior mobility, allowing you to quickly navigate the battlefield while dealing significant damage to your enemies. This version does an excellent job of clearing out groups of enemies and is highly recommended for solo players looking to get to the end-game content quickly.

The Chain Lightning Wizard version is specifically for elemental crowd control (CC) damage. It allows you to unleash powerful attacks using basic spells that cost minimal mana. Additionally, this version offers the ability to teleport, increasing your mobility in combat. It’s also one of the easiest buildings to craft in the game, making it an attractive option for players.

The Flurry Rogue build operates similarly to the Twisting Blades build, but is easier for newbies to master. Its emphasis on increased mobility and Area of ​​Effect (AOE) damage makes it incredibly effective when clearing dungeons and fortresses. Players who choose this version will have the thrilling experience of tackling the challenge alone.

These builds offer unique playstyles and cater to different preferences, allowing players to find an approach to Diablo 4 that suits their needs.

Class A


put up


Firewall Wizard


Tornado Druid


Frost Shard Mage

The Firewall Wizard build is a flashy and powerful option, offering high damage per second (DPS) and excellent mobility. It requires a more methodical approach, as you’ll need to carefully analyze your surroundings and launch your attack from the most advantageous angle. Once you master this play style, you’ll enjoy burning enemies in the final stages of the game.

The Tornado Druid build is a well-balanced and easy-to-play melee build in Diablo 4. It offers a good mix of damage and mobility, making it ideal for players looking to get to the end game quickly.

The Ice Shard Mage build is the go-to choice for ice magic in Diablo 4. While it has a long cooldown and limited-range skills below level 15, these minor inconveniences are overshadowed by fun, flashy content. , as well as the robust gameplay this version offers.

These A-tier builds provide a satisfying gameplay experience, offering a combination of damage, mobility, and unique mechanics to suit different play styles.

Class B


put up


Bloodsurge Necromancer


Upheaval Barbarian


penetrating shot rogue

The Bloodsurge Necromancer build excels at dealing Area of ​​Effect (AOE) and Crowd Control (CC) damage. However, its mobility is poor and its skill effects are complex, making it quite challenging for novices. If you are new to the Diablo series, it is recommended that you avoid this version on your first playthrough.

The Upheaval Barbarian build is a powerful choice that may take some getting used to its playstyle. Once you do, its increased mobility and earth-shattering damage output make for an exciting experience.

The Penetrating Shot Rogue build is a double-edged sword. It provides significant AOE damage, but lacks speed compared to other builds on this list. Additionally, the possibility of missing a shot can be frustrating. It’s probably not the best starting build, especially for a solo game. However, if you enjoy playing a stealthy, long-range sniper, this version might be a good choice.

These B-tier versions provide a viable option for players willing to invest the time and effort in mastering their unique mechanics and playstyle. While they may not offer the same level of accessibility, they still provide an enjoyable gaming experience for those who enjoy their specific strengths and challenges.


Diablo IV Overview

Diablo IV, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, is an action role-playing game and the highly anticipated fourth entry in the beloved Diablo series. The game was officially released during BlizzCon 2019, causing great excitement among fans around the world. It is scheduled to be fully released on June 5, 2023, and will be available to players in early access starting on June 1. In March 2023, a public beta was launched, allowing players to get a glimpse of the game’s features and mechanics.

Development of Diablo IV is a collaboration between Blizzard Team 3 and Blizzard Albany, both companies known for their expertise in creating immersive gaming experiences. Renowned directors such as Joe Shely, Sebastian Stepien and Luis Barriga led the development team, while Rod Fergusson served as The producer oversees the project.

The game’s design was influenced by the talent of Joe Piepiora, who contributed to creating an engaging gaming experience. John Mueller served as lead artist, shaping the game’s visual aesthetic. The music, composed by Ted Reedy and Leo Kaliski, adds depth and atmosphere to the game.

Diablo IV delivers an exciting and immersive experience across multiple gaming platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. This broad platform availability ensures that players can begin their epic adventure regardless of their preferred gaming system.

“Diablo IV” is expected to be released on June 6, 2023, and belongs to the action role-playing and hack-and-slash genre. It features a multiplayer mode that allows players to team up with friends or other players from around the world to take on challenges and explore the dark and dangerous realms of Sanctuary.

Diablo IV launches to captivate players with its engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and immersive storyline set in the rich and dark universe of Diablo. As players delve into this action-packed world, they will face powerful opponents, discover hidden treasures, and acquire powerful artifacts for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Diablo IV gameplay

The gameplay of Diablo IV is about becoming stronger by defeating increasingly powerful enemies. The concept is simple: defeat formidable opponents, acquire powerful gear, and repeat! However, this is far from a mindless slash-and-slash fest. You’ll need to strategize and personalize your character to overcome the challenges ahead.

In Diablo IV, the character class you choose determines your play style, and you have a ton of exciting options. Choose from Barbarian, Mage, Druid, Rogue or Necromancer. Each class brings its own unique abilities and skills to the battlefield. Do you crave to crush your enemies with sheer brute force? Barbarians are your path. Prefer to wield devastating spells and manipulate the elements? The magician waited. If you’re interested in shapeshifting and harnessing nature’s wrath, druids will answer your call. Don’t forget, the Rogue and Necromancer offer their own thrilling playstyles to keep you on your toes.

However, there’s more to Diablo IV than just flashy skills and overwhelming attacks. This game takes customization to the next level. You can carefully customize your character’s appearance, from portrait to skin tone. Let’s not ignore mounts! Customize them to your liking and traverse the dangerous realms of the sanctuary in style.

Speaking of Sanctuary, be prepared to explore its vast and diverse areas. From the enchanting forests of Scosglen to the frigid peaks of Fractured Peaks and the desolate wastelands of Kehjistan, each zone offers a unique atmosphere and unique challenges. Procedurally generated dungeons will keep you on the edge of your seat as their randomized layout ensures a fresh experience with every adventure.

Now, let’s delve into the allure of loot—the sweet reward of a hard-fought battle. Discover a variety of rare equipment and demonstrate their power. But the rarest items are truly extraordinary, possessing unique effects that can completely reshape your play style. Further enhance your gear with runes and runewords, allowing you to add additional effects and create truly legendary gear.

Compared with its predecessor, the story of “Diablo IV” goes in a different direction. It puts the focus on the people of the asylum rather than relying solely on high fantasy themes. Get ready for a grounded and immersive narrative that will immerse you in the world like never before.

Diablo IV is more than just a single-player adventure game. Gather your friends or join forces with other online players for thrilling multiplayer games. Complete challenging missions as a team, take on powerful bosses, or engage in heart-pounding PvP encounters. this is your choice!

Remember, no adventure is complete without a little makeup flair. Diablo IV offers cosmetic microtransactions that let you look stylish while fighting demons. Just make sure you have an internet connection as the game requires it to play.

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