Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Walkthrough, Gameplay, Trailer, and More

Dark Souls 3 Ringed City

“Dark Souls III: Ringed City” is an action role-playing game originally released by developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment on March 27, 2017. It is available on platforms such as PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. The game is supervised by Hidetaka Miyazaki, Isamu Okano, and Yui Tanimura, and the music is composed by Yuka Kitamura.

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The story of “Dark Souls 3: Ringed City” revolves around the player’s pursuit of the slave knight Gale, the “Dark Soul of Mankind”. The adventure takes place in two main locations: the Cinderpile and the Ringed City.

Players navigate the ruins and ashes of the Slagheap, facing dangers ranging from Lothric knights to angels. In the ringed city, they met different residents, some loyal to Gwen, the Sun King, while others worshiped the Abyss.The final showdown takes place with Gale, whose pursuit of power becomes insane, leading to a climactic battle with the forces of darkness

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Dark Souls 3 city guide

  • Trash heap:

    • This is the starting point for the DLC, where players are plunged into a crumbling world of dregs.
    • They must travel through chaotic environments, encountering various enemies and obstacles along the way.
  • Tufeng Ruins:

    • After leaving the slag pile, players will find themselves in the Tufeng Ruins, where they face new challenges and enemies.
    • Notable encounters include fighting a demon prince and dealing with a shadow that fires arrows at a bridge.
  • Around the city:

    • In the final part of the DLC, players will delve deeper into the mysterious and dangerous Ringed City. The Ringed City is the pinnacle of the DLC for “Dark Souls 3”, presenting players with a vast and dangerous environment to explore. The following is a detailed guide to “Ring City”:
  • Arriving and exploring:

    • After coming down from the battle with the Demon Prince in the Earth Peak region, players find themselves in the ringed city.
    • They were welcomed by the NPC, and after lighting the first bonfire, they began to explore this strange country.
  • Encounters and challenges:

    • As players descend the steps, they will encounter shadows that fire arrows, requiring them to use cover effectively to avoid being hit.
    • Exploring the area will reveal various items such as the Ruin Set and the Soul of the Dejected Knight, as well as encounter powerful enemies such as the Black Knight and the Crystal Lizard.
  • NPC interaction:

    • In the ringed city, players will encounter NPCs like Lapp, who will provide valuable information and tasks.
    • Interactions with NPCs such as Shira and Judicator Argo reveal additional storyline elements and objectives, adding depth to the gameplay experience.
  • Boss fights and challenges:

    • “Ring City” brings players intense boss battles, including encounters with the Ring Knight and the powerful dragon Midir.
    • Players must use their skills and strategies to overcome these challenges and face powerful opponents in epic confrontations.
  • Exploration and Secrets:

    • Exploration around the city will reward players with valuable loot, including Titanstones, soul items, and unique weapons and armor sets.
    • Discovering hidden areas and secrets adds depth to the game, encouraging thorough exploration and discovery.
  • Climax and endgame:

    • As players progress through the ring, they reach climactic moments such as facing off against Half-Light, the Spear of the Church, and the final showdown with the slave knight Gael.
    • The ending of the DLC provides players with a sense of accomplishment from completing the entire journey of Ringed City and Dark Souls 3.
  • Key locations and projects:

    • Throughout the walkthrough, players will discover important items such as titanium nuggets, soul items, and embers.
    • They will also encounter important NPCs such as Sheila, Rapp, and Inquisitor Argo, who will provide important information and tasks.
  • Boss battle:

    • The DLC features challenging boss battles against formidable opponents such as the Demon Prince, Dragon Midir, and Slave Knight Gale.
    • Players must utilize various strategies and tactics to defeat these bosses and progress through the DLC.
  • Completion and rewards:

    • By completing the DLC, players can earn valuable rewards such as Titan Tablets, unique weapons and armor sets, and the satisfaction of completing an epic journey around the city.

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Dark Souls 3 Ringed City game plot

In “Dark Souls III: The Ringed City”, players embark on a journey to chase the slave knight Gale and search for the elusive “Dark Soul of Man” at the end of the world. Beginning in a desolate slag heap, a land littered with ruins and ashes from all ages, players will encounter powerful enemies such as Lothric Knights and Dark Men.

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After defeating the Demon Prince in the Earth Peak Ruins, players will be teleported to the Ringed City by the Winged Demon, where they will encounter a variety of residents, some of whom are loyal to Gwen and others who worship the Abyss.

Entrusted by Sheila, the Knight of Filanor, players must prevent Midir the Dark from succumbing to darkness and protect the sleeping Princess Filanor in order to protect the city from imminent danger. As players progress, they will face Halflight, the guardian of Gwen’s daughter Filanor, and eventually awaken Filanor from her slumber.

However, they soon encountered the slave knight Gale, who was consumed by the power of the Dark Soul. In a climactic battle, players defeat Gale and claim the Dark Soul. Returning to The Painted Girl, players are offered Dark Souls to create a new Painted World and name it after them, concluding their epic journey through the Ringed City.

Dark Souls 3 Ringed City Gameplay

Dark Souls III: The Ringed City introduces players to two distinct settings: the dregs heap and the Ringed City itself. The Cinderheap is depicted as a desolate landscape, characterized by the ash-covered ruins of castles and cathedrals from various periods.

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This area stands out in the Dark Souls series for its vertical design, requiring players to navigate carefully to avoid attacks and dangers from ranged enemies. The Ringed City, on the other hand, offers a wider environment, including glittering domes, lush gardens, and massive structures partially surrounded by ringed rock walls.

Critics have described Ringed City as beautiful, bizarre, and mysterious, with its unique aesthetic capturing players’ attention. In the city, players will encounter various challenges, including bosses such as Gale.

Players must defeat the final opponent in The Ringed City DLC. Certain aspects, such as the addition of PvP encounters, received mixed reviews, with some feeling it improved replay value while others felt it was inappropriate.

“Dark Souls 3: Ringed City” game trailer


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