Cellar Key Location in Alone in The Dark

Cellar key alone in the dark

The Cellar Key is an important part of The Amityville Horror. Using this key, players can unlock new sections of the game when playing as Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby. This is one of several keys that players can find during their journey within the manor. The wine cellar is an important area that contains items and secrets needed for success. Obtaining the Cellar Key is crucial to progress and exploration in Alone in The Dark.

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Key location of wine cellar

To find the location of the Cellar in Alone in the Dark, follow these steps:

  • You need the Cellar Key to open the cellar door in De Certo Manor.

  • Complete the oil rig section to get the cellar key.

  • Enter the Deserto Manor again in Chapter 2.

  • You will reach the small living room area.

  • To find the cellar key, search the small living room.

  • Once you obtain the Cellar Key, you can use it to open the game’s cellar doors to access additional areas.


Alone in the Dark is a horror video game. It is developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic. The game is produced by Michael Paeck and released on March 20, 2024. The game is available for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. This is the seventh game in the series and an updated version of the famous 1992 game The Amityville Horror. Gamers have had mixed reactions to the game.


In Alone in the Dark, players experience the game from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. With this change, the game is now closer to recent Resident Evil games, which also used this perspective in their remakes. The trailer shows off the player’s choice between using melee weapons and guns in combat. Players can experience deeper and more interesting gameplay. Players will completely lose themselves in the enchanting world of Alone in the Dark.

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