Best Enshrouded Mage Build: Enhance Your Gameplay with Advanced Strategies

Best Mist Mage Build

Let’s break down the key points of the “Best Shroud Mage Build” in a simpler way:

1. Mage professional attributes:

  • Focus on increasing intelligence, as this is crucial to a mage’s abilities.
  • Allocate points to Constitution to gain health and points to Spirit to gain mana.


  • Choose the Shroud Staff for extra fire magic damage, increased critical strike chance, and increased backstab damage.
  • Consider the Glowing Wand primarily dealing fire damage and mana regeneration.
  • Alternatively, use the Freezing Core Wand to deal cold damage and decent mana regeneration.
  • For maximum effect, use the Ritual Storm Wand, which deals electrical damage to enemies resistant to fire and ice.

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3. Equipment:

  • Use the Ethereal Plane Shield to gain blocking ability and shield resistance.
  • Wear the Archmage’s Hat, Soldier’s Breastplate, Hawkeye Pants, Magician’s Gloves, and Hawkeye Boots to balance physical and magical resistance.
  • Equip the Commander Ring for extra mana and health.

4. Consumables:

  • Eating meat can enhance physical fitness and health.
  • Eating berries promotes healthy regeneration.
  • Use various mushrooms to increase your intelligence.

5. Overall strategy:

  • Prioritize Intelligence for enhanced damage and regeneration.
  • Increase your constitution to get more health, and increase your spirit to get enough mana.
  • Use weapons strategically and focus on the elemental powers against different enemies.
  • Optimize your gear for a balanced resistance curve.
  • Eat recommended foods to improve attributes.

This build aims to create a powerful mage character with high damage output, survivability, and the versatility to handle different types of enemies.

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In Enshrouded, players are plunged into a massive open world game where they must survive in a dangerous place called Embervale. The originally lively world is now shrouded in a deadly fog. You play as the protagonist, a Son of Fire whose important job is to awaken other survivors and fight the spreading fog.

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Your goal is to survive in a tough world where you must make wise choices and manage your resources well. You’ll explore eerie landscapes, solve mysteries about the fog, and face dangers to save the world.

As a Son of Fire, your journey is about more than just surviving; It’s also about helping others and freeing the world from its fog. The game tells an interesting story that encourages players to explore, plan and interact with a detailed world.

Enshrouded blends survival challenges with RPG features to create an engaging experience where players can face the difficulties of Embervale, uncover its secrets, and make it better.

Hidden gameplay

Enshrouded is a video game in which you survive and play a character, seeing everything from the side. Up to 16 people can play together at the same time. The game takes place in a place called Embervale, which is a huge open world that players can freely explore. In this world, players can build a base, gather what they need, and create new tools and equipment.

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Players can invite friendly characters to their base to learn new crafting concepts and tasks. There are also fog-covered areas called “Shrouds” where players can find valuable loot and treasure chests. However, due to the powerful monsters, players can only stay there for a short time before the character dies.

Similar to other survival games, players must make sure they have enough food and water. But in this game, hunger and thirst only affect the player’s combat skills. Drinking water makes players stronger, and eating food makes them stronger. Players can use a variety of weapons to defeat enemies and dodge or block attacks.

As players progress, they will improve their combat skills and choose to be a Trickster, Battle Mage, or Survivor. They can also use gliders and grappling hooks to move around the game world. If the player’s character dies, they keep their gear and items but lose the raw materials they collected.

hidden development

Enshrouded is made by the technical team at Keen Games, a German studio best known for Portal Knights. Drawing inspiration from popular games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hall of Valhalla, Enshrouded blends exploration and survival.

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While the combat is similar to the challenging Soulsborne games, it’s designed to be more accessible for new players to enjoy. The game launches in May 2023, with an exciting 8-hour demo available during the Steam Next Fest in November 2023.

Enshrouded launches into Early Access on Steam on January 24, 2024, so players can try it out before its full release. The development team is also working on versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S so that more players can enjoy it on different consoles.

hidden trailer

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