Battle Bit Remastered Update 2.0.0 Patch Notes, Release Date

Battlebit Remastered Update 2.0.0 Patch Notes

Check out the latest Battlebit Remastered update 2.0.0 patch notes below

Universal player UI/UX

  • The game will no longer automatically lock the squad when a party member joins a reserved squad for their party, instead non-party members will be forced to change squads (and their roles) to the server if the reserved squad is full when a party member joins.
  • Improved detection of bandaging/reviving downed players.
  • Bug where the player’s armor and body were desynchronized when the player was stationary and the client first loaded their objects until they moved – fixed.
  • When a player fires at the Mine/C4/Blade, the shooter will take ownership of the explosion as if they owned the Mine/C4/Blade. Previously, the person who deployed the mines retained ownership even if someone else fired the weapon. This resulted in a situation where shooting a friend’s broadsword/mine would kill them.
  • Players will no longer be allowed to place mines/glaives underwater

Progress/experience improvements

  • After level 15, the progression curve will ease to maintain consistent leveling times.

  • The purpose of this is to reduce the time investment and XP required to reach level 200 on average.

  • Empty transports/ships will no longer give points when destroyed.

  • Added XP scoring event: Destroying an enemy’s c4/mine/glaive will give a hit mark and extra XP


  • Tribal submissions will be open, with a minimum reputation requirement of 1.
  • Fixed an issue where used clan invitations persisted after being used from the clan invitation list.
  • An issue where the 100 clan invitation limit included expired invitations has been fixed.

universal healing

After a long discussion, it became clear that doctors are the only profession that can withstand multiple battles. Other classes cannot survive a second fight after being shot. Therefore, making other classes very unpleasant to use, for this the following changes have been implemented:

  • Bandages now repair themselves even when bleeding, granting +40 HP per bandage used. This applies to all categories.
  • You can’t heal other players by bandaging them, as before, you can only stop bleeding or revive them, but not heal them, only doctors can heal other Players use their Medkit gadgets.

Class adjustment

  • assault
    • Get the Ranger Armor.
    • Use personal defense weapons and designated marksman rifle weapon types: Honey Badger – Groza – P90 – AsVal – MK20 – M110 – MK14 – SVD.
  • Engineers and Support
    • New deployable barbed wire available
  • engineer
    • Destroying a vehicle will reward you with 2.5x XP.
  • XP and Engineer Bonuses
    • Transport vehicle: 1000xp
    • Armored Personnel Carrier: 2,000xp
    • Tank: 4,000xp
    • Helicopter: 4,000xp
    • Ship: 1,000xp
  • Other courses
    • Transport vehicle: 400xp
    • Armored Personnel Carrier: 800xp
    • Tank: 1,600xp
    • Helicopter: 1,600xp
    • Ship: 400xp

Weapon adjustments

  • Weapon attachments do not affect player speed – fixed.
  • Aiming fists/flinching will scale off exponentially based on damage taken, rather than e.g. a pistol on the leg and a sniper on the chest having the same effect.

chris vector

  • Damage per bullet adjusted from 24 to 22.
  • Damage drop-off now starts at 10 meters, down from 50 meters.
  • Standard/rapid magazines now hold 36 bullets, down from 40.


  • ACR aiming downtime reduced from 0.25 seconds to 0.21 seconds.
  • ACR player running speed increased from 1.01x to 1.05x.
  • ACR control reduced from 100% to 105%.
  • ACR damage increased from 25 to 27.


  • AK5C damage increased from 30 to 34.
  • AK5C vertical recoil increased from 1.4 to 1.6
  • AK5C horizontal recoil increased from 1.2 to 1.4
  • AK5C initial recoil reduced from 1.5 to 1.0
  • AK5C reload speed increased by 12.5%.


  • SG550 muzzle flash size reduced from 100% to 85%.


  • New maritime vehicle: RCB90 added
  • Destroying enemy vehicles will reward you with different experience points depending on the type.
  • Improved road death detection
  • Bird minigun light vehicle damage increased from 2 to 4
  • APCs take 2x damage from behind
  • Tanks and APCs – After firing, the supply cooldown will be reset to 60 seconds to avoid players resupplying and firing at the same time.
  • The driver/pilot will also be healed when the player returns to base for repairs.No more need to leave the vehicle, which should reduce instances of vehicle hijacking
  • Helicopter sensitivity will no longer be affected by FPS (in the past, the lower the FPS, the more sensitive the FPS; the higher the FPS, the lower the FPS)
  • Stuttering issues when flying helicopters should be improved (needs testing)
  • Helicopters causing self-damage when game lags (i.e. open scoreboard, etc.) – Fixed.
  • Players would no longer be able to see the blood screen inside certain vehicles – fixed.
  • Turret/minigun shots were not counted as “bullets fired” in statistics – fixed.


  • Regional rework integration
  • Wine Paradise – Reworked + Extended to support CONQ 254p game mode
  • MultuIslands – CONQ Ultra has been scaled down twice to give players more movement options
  • MultuIslands – 32v32 sprint added. New POIs are added from the middle of the map to the east to take advantage of the Rush layout.
  • Wakistan – Objective F moves 222 meters east and has some additional access to the middle of the map.
  • TensaTown – Break out of blocked silo locations for the defending team to prevent the attacking team from respawn camping.
  • Namak – Possible fix for issue preventing spawning on target B
  • Further GPU optimization of map object 3D models
  • Salhan – Removed the OP tank location on the US side and added some hesco walls on the long road.
  • Salhan – Tanks were removed until the tanks could be repaired to prevent them from climbing up the cliff.
  • Bricks not spawning when walls are destroyed – fixed.

CTF quality of life

  • District and Sandy Sunset now support CTF
  • Added safe zone for teams.
  • Moving the flag to the safe zone will no longer teleport it back to the enemy base, but will instead teleport it next to the safe zone border.
  • When the flag bearer is killed while swimming, the player cannot recapture the flag.
  • Successfully capturing an enemy flag will reward you with more experience points.
  • Killing the enemy’s flagship aircraft carrier will grant additional rewards.

Community Server API

  • Community Server API core completed.
  • Added community servers, ability to set map rotation and game mode rotation. (for administrators) (Community Server API – Example)
  • Added server options for community servers hosting voxel game mode (Voxel Mode)/
  • Community API – get/save statistics.
  • Community API – Added controls for player roles (if you want to limit roles per team/squad or have other intentions)
  • Community API – Read access from official statistics, administrators can choose to ignore, replace or use statistics.
  • Community API – Added the ability to manipulate player weapons, attachments, skins, spawn positions, and armor.
  • Community API – Administrators also receive callbacks when players report other players in their server.
  • Community API – Callbacks when a player is alive/dead, and accesses whether they are alive or not.
  • Backend Client API Fixed an issue where the backend became unresponsive from time to time.

Battlebit Remastered Patch Notes 2.0.0 Release Date

The patch notes for the BattleBit Remastered update were released on Sunday, August 6, 2023 at 8:12 pm India Standard Time (IST). This update is a regular and expected update to the game, introducing a range of enhancements, tweaks, and new features to improve players’ gaming experience.

The patch notes provide detailed information about the changes to the game to help players understand the improvements and modifications introduced in this update.


Battlebit Remastered System Requirements

Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements

Windows 10 (x64) – Windows 11 (x64)

Windows 10 (x64) – Windows 11 (x64)

Intel Core i5-2310

Intel Core i5 4th generation and above



Geforce GTS 450 or equivalent

Geforce GTX 600 series or higher

Version 11

Version 11

Broadband Internet connection

Broadband Internet connection

2 GB free space

2 GB free space

“Battlebit” remastered gameplay

BattleBit Remastered offers an immersive multiplayer first-person shooter experience set in the conflict between the United States Armed Forces and the Russian Armed Forces. In the vast and intricate map, players engage in fierce battles, play different roles, and use strategies and tactics to complete goals and win. The core of the gameplay is about collaboration and strategic coordination, fostering a true sense of teamwork.

Players can choose from six unique classes, each designed for a specific battlefield function. The squad leader exercises command, deploys rally points and coordinates airstrikes using binoculars. The Assault class embodies versatility and balanced skills, while the Medic focuses on quickly healing and resurrecting teammates. Support characters provide suppressive fire and ammunition supplies via deployed boxes. Engineers specialize in structural damage and vehicle destruction, while Scouts specialize in reconnaissance, surveillance, and hit-and-run tactics.

Players have access to a variety of weapons and equipment, with the opportunity to personalize them. Weapon unlocks are tied to player level, and attachments such as sights, suppressors, and magazines can be added. Cosmetic options include headgear, armor, utility belts, backpacks, and camouflage, affecting both aesthetics and gameplay.

While the game emphasizes infantry combat, the addition of military vehicles and aircraft enhances tactical possibilities. From ATVs and helicopters to tanks and boats, these vehicles introduce a dynamic element to gameplay, allowing for strategic mobility and diverse ways to engage.

A unique mechanic introduces a downed state for players who have run out of health, allowing teammates to use bandages to revive them. Promote cooperation and coordination between players by incentivizing effective communication with proximity-based voice chat.

BattleBit Remastered offers a series of game modes, each presenting different challenges and objectives. Conquest involves capturing control points and depleting the enemy’s respawn tickets, while Infantry Conquest focuses solely on infantry combat. Domination offers a smaller-scale variant of Conquest, without vehicles, in a more compact arena. While Capture the Flag requires teams to capture the enemy’s flag while defending their own, Frontline introduces the tug-of-war dynamic of control point pairs. Rush joins the attackers and defenders on one side and is tasked with destroying the communications station.

The future of the game is expected to introduce more attractive modes such as team deathmatch, free-for-all, and elimination matches to enhance the diverse gaming experience.

All in all, BattleBit Remastered is built around strategic collaboration, versatility across classes, customizable options, and a plethora of engaging game modes. These elements combine to create an immersive, dynamic first-person shooter adventure that invites players to work together, adapt tactics, and emerge victorious.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general information purposes only. All information on this website is provided in good faith, but we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on this website.

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