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Persona 5 Tactics

Persona 5 Tactica is an upcoming game in the Persona series and is part of the Megami Tensei series. The game is expected to launch on multiple consoles in November 2023. The game tells the story of the Phantom Thieves from Persona 5, who find themselves in a chaotic world full of war and oppression.

To fight against the oppressive Legionnaires, they team up with a group called the Rebel Legion. Gameplay involves strategy and role-playing elements, including grid-based movement and turn-based combat, and retains key features such as summoning characters and using their powers. Atlus decided to develop this game to explore strategy RPGs in the Persona series, drawing on their past experience with this gaming style and the world of Persona 5.

All Persona 5 Tactica playable characters


  • The debut protagonist of No Mask
  • Erina’s character card from Persona 5 Tactics, showing her holding a spear and a pistol.
  • Erina (Elle in the Japanese version) is the newest member of P5T and introduces players to the mechanics of the game. Her base stats are good, especially attack power, but she has poor mobility and low range. Unable to summon Persona, she relies on others to create openings.


  • And Milady
  • A close-up of Haru wearing a hat and looking angry in the Persona 5 anime.
  • Known for her high-damage rocket launcher and psychic Persona Milady, Haru deals serious punishment in Persona 5 Tactics’ gun-centric gameplay. Milady’s Psio skills, while useful in certain situations, may not be as versatile as other characters.


  • And Zorro
  • In a screenshot from Persona 5: Tactics, Morgana is seen running on either side of his goddess Zorro.
  • Morgana is the mascot in Tactica with extraordinary speed. His gun and wind elemental damage, as well as Garou abilities, provide situational advantages, especially in positional play.


  • And Arsenal
  • The Joker, the original protagonist of Persona 5, can equip a second secondary persona in Persona 5 Tactica. While Joker is no longer a wild card, his base stats and ranged special attack “Phantom Judge” make him a powerful ally. P5T turns Joker into a support character with defense-boosting skills like Rakukaja.


  • And Goemon
  • Persona 5 Yusuke
  • Yusuke’s gun skills and ice elemental buff skills make him one of the best characters in P5T. His abilities have the potential to freeze enemies, slowing their movement speed and creating strategic advantages.

Long Er:

  • And Captain Kidd
  • Persona 5 Royal Ryuji
  • Ryuji’s pure physical damage and shotgun expertise make him a top-tier character in Persona 5 Tactics. His special move “Brig Blitz” can stop the enemy’s actions and create opportunities for teammates.


  • And Johanna
  • A screenshot from Persona 5 Tactica shows Makoto riding her Persona, the sentient motorcycle Johanna.
  • Makoto specializes in melee-focused combat in P5T, with a special AoE attack called “Full Throttle”. She is a powerful damage dealer and support character with healing skills.


  • And Carmen
  • Ann’s Persona skill damage makes her the most fun character in Persona 5: Tactics. Carmen’s fire elemental ability and the buffs An gains and the passive bonus of SP regeneration make her indispensable in any battle.


“Persona 5 Tatika” gameplay

Persona 5 Tactica is a strategy game in which you control a group of characters to fight against enemies. The player’s team includes members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and Erina, the captain of the Rebel Legion. During combat, you can attack enemies directly or choose actions from the menu. Your character can use guns to perform ranged attacks or summon characters with special abilities.

Using these abilities requires spending skill points. Similar to Persona 5, these skills use different types of magical attacks. If you hit an enemy’s weak spot, you’ll get another round of attacks. There’s also a special move called “Triple Threat” that deals massive damage to weakened enemies when surrounded by allies.

In addition to combat, you can also collect more characters for the leader, Joker. Due to his “wildcard” ability, he has access to many characters. You can get new characters by talking to them in battle or by fusing different characters together. The game’s story takes place in three kingdoms, each inspired by real historical revolutions.

Persona 5 Overview


Studio P



Japan: Atlus


Maeda Naoya


Kazuhisa Wada


Oribe Hanako


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nintendo switch

Playstation 4

Playstation 5


Xbox One

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November 17, 2023


tactical role play


single player

“Persona 5” trailer

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