All Fontaine Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact – A Complete Guide

Genshin Impact Fishing Spot

Fishing within the realms of Genshin Impact provides a range of rewards, including achievements and cooking materials. Moreover, these caught fish can be exchanged for various commodities. The fishing spots in Genshin Fontaine are diverse and host a variety of fish such as the Drifting Ax Marlin, Flameheart Feather Bass, and Rippleheart Feather Bass.

By showing these fish to the Fishing Guild, you can earn premium fishing lures (like a fly bait) or upgraded fishing rods (like a Windtangler). This guide will introduce in detail all the fishing locations in Fontaine since version 4.0 of Genshin Impact, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the fun of fishing.

All Fontaine fishing spots in Genshin Impact

Fontaine has a variety of peaceful fishing locations in Genshin Impact, each offering the chance to catch unique fish such as Ripple Heartfeather Bass, Drift Ax Marlin, and Blazing Heartfeather Bass. These locations offer the opportunity to exchange your catch for improved bait recipes and fishing gear on the fishing association website.

Salacia Plain: Western Ford

In the morning, use sugar bait or acid bait to catch drift ax marlin and flame heart feather bass. At night, use a maintenance machine: water cleaner to attract fish, including drift ax marlin.

Maintenance Mechanical and Electrical: Situation Controller

Night fishing here can yield ripple bass and drift axe marlin.

fishing boat at sea

Fishing in the morning with sugar dew bait and acid bait can yield Flameheart Feather Bass and Drift Ax Marlin. Also, use the Maintenance Mek at night: the initial configuration may cause rippled heart-feather bass.

Mont Automnequi Western Slope

For morning catches, use jam baits, acid baits or flash maintenance mechanical lures to attract medaka, rippled heartfish and blazing heartfish. Evening, Maintenance Mek: Water cleaners attract fish, including ripple bass.

Lucine Fountain: West Shoals

Use sugar dew and acid baits in the morning to catch stream ax marlin and blazing heart bass. Utilize maintenance electromechanical: Initial setup at night may help you locate ripple heartfeather bass.

Elenas: South Side Mountain

In the morning, try a Sugar Dew Bait, Sour Bait or Flashing Maintenance Machine lure to lure Drift Ax Marlin, Blazing Heart Feather Bass, Ripple Heart Feather Bass, and fish attracted by the Maintenance Machine: Situation Controller.

Elenas: East Shoals

Morning sugar dew baits, acid baits or flash maintenance machine baits will attract stream ax marlin, blazing heart feather bass, rippling heart feather bass and fish attracted to the maintenance machine: Initial setup.

Elenas: Northeast Beach

Morning fishing using sugar baits, acid baits, or flash baits may produce sandstorm anglers, ripple bass, and fish attracted by Maintenance: Initial Setup, Maintenance: Water Cleaners, and Maintenance: Situation Controllers .

Court of Fontaine: Southern Arc of the City Wall

In the morning, use jam baits, sugar dew baits or flasher baits to lure medaka, streamer marlin and fish attracted to fish like water cleaners and conditioners.


What bait should be used at Fontaine fishing spot?

When fishing in various locations around Fontaine in Genshin Impact, choosing the right bait is key to success. The following guidelines can help you decide which bait to use for specific fish species:

  • Drift Ax Marlin: Use sugar dew bait for the best chance of catching a Drift Ax Marlin.

  • Flameheart Feather Bass: Both acid bait and sugar dew bait are good at attracting Flameheart Feather Bass.

  • Rippled Heartfeather Bass: Choose acid bait or Maintenance Machine: Water Cleaner to increase your chances of catching Rippled Heartfeather Bass.

  • Sandstorm Anglers: To catch Sandstorm Anglers, consider using Sugar Dew Bait or Maintenance Mech: Initial Configuration.

  • Medaka: Attract medaka with fruit paste bait or maintainer: Initial configuration.

Remember, choosing the right bait can greatly enhance your fishing experience on the tranquil waters of Fontaine.

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