All 10 Hitman & Assassin Movies Referenced In Glen Powell’s Hit Man


  • Hit Man combines genres to create a well-balanced mix of screwball comedy, action and film noir.

  • On-screen references to classic hitman movies help underscore the concept of hitmen as commodities.

  • Linklater includes clips from iconic hitman movies like Branded to Kill and The Mechanic in Hit Man.


There are several on-screen references to other classic hitman and assassin films in Richard Linklater’s film. hitman. Glen Powell’s new film presents the Top Gun: Maverick Breakout star in his most versatile role yet, playing a lonely college professor who works as an assassin for his local police department. hitman It also became Powell’s highest-rated film of his acting career after scoring a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, slightly gaining an edge on the massive box office hit. Top Gun: Maverick, which obtained a score of 96%. Since its premiere on Netflix on June 7, 2024, the film has become one of the most popular titles on the streaming platform.

hitman is full of interesting twists and cleverly plays with the concept of identity through Powell’s dual portrayals of Ron and Gary, but still effectively presents some familiar tropes from beloved action comedies.The hitman The cast is also led by Adria Arjona, who plays Madison, the unexpected love interest of Gary Johnson, played by Powell. Madison believes that Gary is actually Ron, an elegant, confident and very dangerous trained assassin. Already considered one of the best films of Richard Linklater’s extensive career as a director and screenwriter, hitman combines several genres to create a well-balanced mix of screwball romantic comedy, action-inspired thriller, and classic film noir.

Around minute 18 in hitman During a voice-over monologue, several clips from classic hitman movies are shown to help highlight one of Gary’s main points in the film. He believes that the prominence and popularity of hitman movies, television shows and characters, combined with the long-term effects of a consumerist society in which anything can be bought for the right price, has inspired ordinary people to believe that they can go out and buy a local hitman like any other commodity. Linklater uses several real scenes from hitman movie classics in hitman to clarify this concept.

10 This gun for hire


Veronica Lake kisses Alan Ladd on the cheek in This Gun for Hire

The first classic Hitman movie to be referenced in hitman It is the famous film noir of 1942. This gun for hire It stars Alan Ladd as Philip Raven as a laborer who is paid to kill a blakmailer. It also stars the lead performance of Veronica Lake, the acclaimed actress from Sullivan’s Travels (1941) and The Blue Dahlia (1946). This gun for hire It was directed by Frank Tuttle and is based on the 1936 novel. A gun for sale written by Graham Greene. It is one of the prime examples of noir films starring a hitman with a classic female lead. It made Ladd a movie star, leading to him appearing in other classic films such as shane (1953) and West 13th Street (1962).

9 The mechanic


charles bronson in the mechanic 1972

Some short clips from the 1972 Hitman classic. The mechanic are presented in hitmanparticularly with the envelope full of cash and the protagonist Arthur Bishop killing someone next to a chicken delivery van. The mechanic It stars legendary tough man Charles Bronson in one of his most iconic roles, best known for his performances in films such as The seven magnificents (1960), The big escape (1963), and once upon a time in the west (1968). The mechanic follows Arthur Bishop, an elderly hitman who befriends and mentors a hitman in training, played by Jan-Michael Vincent, son of one of Arthur’s targets. The film deals with themes of murder and deception, similar to Hitman.

8 marked for kill


Marked for Kill (1967)

hitman also briefly pays tribute to Marked for killanother classic but eccentric hitman film from 1967 that starts with a familiar premise. Marked for kill follows a hitman named Gorô who finds himself in trouble with his assassin organization after a failed mission. This high-style thriller isn’t the most conventional hitman movie, but it clearly crossed Linklater’s radar during its development process. hitman. While Marked for kill This can be seen as experimental and dark, considering its protagonist is obsessed with the smell of rice, it may have inspired Linklater to think outside the box and break the conventions of traditional hitman movie tropes in hitman.

7 A colt is my passport


A colt is my passport (1967)

Curiously, A colt is my passport is another dark Japanese action noir thriller about a hitman from 1967 that is visually referenced in Linklater’s novel. hitman. A colt is my passport It follows a hitman, played by Joe Shishido, who is hired to kill a yakuza mafia boss and is pursued by rival gangs after completing his mission. The rival gangs unite after the deceased’s son approaches the other gang leader to avenge the death of his father. A colt is my passport features beautifully framed cinematography alongside a classic western-inspired soundtrack and features strong influences from the French New Wave film movement. It is not surprising that a film historian like Linklater found himself A colt is my passport.

6 The hitman


The Hitman (1966)

Clips from the classic hitman thriller. The hitman seen on Linklater hitman. The 1966 film stars Robert Webber as retired hitman Clint Harris who plans to hang up his hat and his rifle after one last job. His target is a former employee who has become a police informant. The film also stars Franco Nero, the famous star of Django (1966). While it isn’t considered one of the stronger hitman-centered films by viewers and critics alike, Linklater must have found some reverence for the project to be able to include it in his film. The hitman It was written and directed by Italian filmmaker Francesco Prosperi.

5 Middle Lord

2018 – 2021

Scott Ryan Sr. Intermediate

middle lord is one of the more recent hitman projects and an example of a hitman television series that was seen in the hitman mounting. middle lord It had 26 episodes over three seasons, all of which are available to stream on Hulu. The FX original series is highly rated, scoring a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Follow Ray Shoesmith, a modern-day lone wolf criminal for hire. Scott Ryan plays the lead and created the series, which also stars Justin Rosniak and Damon Herriman. The underrated series is celebrated for the excellent acting of its cast. Including a clip of middle lord along with the classics mentioned above, it helps Gary understand that hitmen have been a timeless character in film and television.

4 The good, the bad and the ugly


Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef) squinting in the desert before their climactic duel in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good, the bad and the ugly is widely celebrated as one of the best western films ever made. Linklater included a scene from the classic film during which Lee Van Cleef’s character covertly murders another character by shooting him with a revolver hidden under the table. Directed by legendary western filmmaker Sergio Leone in 1966, The good, the bad and the ugly It follows a former bounty hunter, a greedy man, and a cold-blooded killer who must trust each other to find a fortune full of gold. The film depicts the use of violence to get ahead in American society, even going back to some of the earliest days of the United States. The film helped solidify Clint Eastwood as a true Hollywood leading man after the success of his other two Leone films. a handful of dollars and For a few dollars more.

3 Dial M to assassinate


A woman talking on the phone in Dial M For Murder

The classic murder scene Dial M to assassinate briefly shown on Linklater’s hitman. Often considered one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films, Dial M to assassinate stars Ray Milland and Grace Kelly. The two play husband and wife until Milland’s character, Tony Wendice, arranges the murder of his wife Margot Wendice because she had an affair with another man. This premise acts as inspiration for some of the characters in hitman who recruit Gary for their services. Dial M to assassinate It has many traditional tropes of the crime thriller genre, such as blackmail, deception, and of course, murder. The film shares a similar level of sophistication as hitman where things don’t always go as planned.


2018 – 2023

Barry (Bill Hader) looks frustrated outside in Barry

A clip from the celebrated HBO series Barry it appears in hitman also. Barry, which won 10 Emmy Awards over its four seasons and 32 episodes, follows a Midwestern hitman who moves to Los Angeles and decides to become an actor. Comedian and actor Bill Hader plays Barry and also co-created the series with Alec Berg. The series is a great example of a protagonist who is likable and easy to root for despite being a hitman and a murderer. The series also stars Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg and Anthony Carrigan. All four seasons can be streamed on HBO and Max.

1 in Bruges


Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson with guns in Bruges

in witches is one of the best hitman comedies ever made and arguably one of the best dark comedies of the 21st century. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are an iconic pairing as two assassins who flee to Bruges, Belgium, after a job goes wrong. The film is written and directed by Martin McDonagh, who also wrote and directed the celebrated 2022 film. The Banshees of Inisherinwhich also paired Farrell and Gleeson along with Kerry Condon and Barry Keoghan. in witches is on par with hitman in terms of comedy, although it does not have the romantic element that serves as the backbone of Linklater’s latest film. in witches is full of dark humor, wit, and creative scripts, which is why Linklater referenced it in hitman.

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