Alan Wake 2 Words of Power Locations

Alan Wake 2: Word of Power location

In Alan Wake 2, you can find special symbols called “Words of Power” as you explore the Dark Lands. Look for hidden drawings that will be revealed when you shine a flashlight on a surface; they are often marked with arrows. When you see one, focus until the screen flashes, and after a few seconds, you’ll unlock a special ability.

Each mantra of power belongs to a specific category, such as combat or healing. Some provide you with combat skills (Word of War and Word of Gun), while others provide healing abilities (Word of Restoration and Word of Aid). It’s unclear if each player’s category will be the same or if it will change. As you progress through the levels of Alan Wake 2, heed these words of power to gain unique powers.

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All Words of Power locations in Alan Wake 2

Main square:

  • Type: Fixed – In the alley where you meet Casey, above the doorway.

  • Type: Fixed – Area with trash cans outside the talk show studio.

  • Type: Action – On Draft Street, shine your flashlight on the railroad above you.

  • Type: Lamp – Use the Angel Lamp on the pillar to the right of the lamppost leading to Caldera Street Station.

  • Type: Gun – After meeting Tim Blake, climb up the ladder in the alley and check between the two air conditioners.

  • Type: War – Near the police car in the same area as #5, use your angel light to change your surroundings.


  • Type: Gun – In the Caldera Street station subway, use an angel light to show an abandoned train on the tracks.

  • Type: Aid – Just past the first subway save point, check out the building materials.

  • Type: Lamp – In the narrow tunnel near the Collapsed Tunnel scene, use the Angel Lamp to find it.

  • Genre: War – Above you during the derailed train scene.

  • Type: Action – After switching the scene to “Torchbearer”, smash a board to reveal it.

  • Type: Fix – After #5, remove the shadow taken and check the wall behind the ticket booth.

  • Type: Light – At Shrine Street Station, check out the partially flooded section.

  • Type: Gun – Continue deeper into the Shrine Street Station and use the Angel Lamp to mark it.

  • Type: Action – After the “End of the Line” scene, select the summoning ritual to reveal the exit.

  • Type: Repair – After #9, check the wall behind the metal door.

Back alley/rooftop:

  • Type: Aid – On the wall of the building to the left of the Ocean View Hotel.

  • Type: Aid – Metal sheet on the southern roof area.

  • Type: Lamp – In the northern roof area, examine the water tank.

  • Type: Gun – Located under the metal walkway/stairs on the left.

Sea view hotel:

  • Type: War – In room 224, smash the wooden planks to find it.

  • Type: East-West – Above the bar in the ballroom of the Ocean View Hotel.

  • Type: War – Above the emergency exit door on the second floor.

Poets Cinema:

  • Type: Fix – Located on the second floor of the lobby.

  • Type: Action – On the ceiling of the ground floor bathroom.

  • Type: Stuff – On the roof after using the scene theme.

  • Type: Lamp – On the roof near Tim Blake’s room.


Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake II is a horror video game produced by Remedy Entertainment and published by Epic Games Publishing. This is the next part of the Alan Wake story. This time, we follow a famous writer named Alan Wake, who has been trapped in another world for 13 years. He attempts to escape by writing a horror story featuring FBI agent Saga Anderson. The new game releases on October 27, 2023, and you can play it on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X/S.

In the game, you ask Alan Wake to write a chilling story and help him find a way out of this strange world. It’s like an interactive thriller where you have to face all kinds of scary things. If you like horror stories and video games, this might be a cool option for you to try!

Alan Wake 2 gameplay

In Alan Wake II, you play as Alan Wake or Saga Anderson in two separate single-player stories. You can choose which story to play first, but the start and end of the game are fixed at Saga and Alan respectively. As you control these characters, you’ll explore different locations and face enemies. To fight these enemies, you need to use a flashlight and various weapons. Shining the flashlight on an enemy weakens them, but also drains their power, so you’ll need to choose wisely when to use it.

You can also dodge when an enemy gets too close to you. In the Saga portion of the game, there is something called “Mind Place” which is like a special pause menu. Here you can connect clues to solve the main mystery and learn more about the characters. Just like in previous Alan Wake games, you’ll find manuscript pages hinting at what’s coming next. But this time, there’s a system that lets you choose what your character says in dialogue, thus affecting how the story unfolds.

“Alan Alan 2” trailer

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