Who are Jill Roord Parents? Meet Rene Roord

Who are Jill Rudd’s parents?

So who are Jill Rudd’s parents? According to our research, Jill Rude’s parents are Rene Rude. Jill Roord, born April 22, 1997, is a Dutch football player.

real name

Jill Jamie Rudd

Nick name

Jill Rudd

date of birth

April 22, 1997


26 years old


5 feet 8 inches (176 cm)


60 kg (132 lbs)

place of birth





dutch football player

Country of Citizenship


zodiac signs



Rene Rudd

Who is Gil Rudd?

Jill Roord (born April 22, 1997) is a famous Dutch professional football player known for her outstanding skills and contribution to the world of women’s football. Hailing from a country with a rich football tradition, Rude blazed her own trail as a talented midfielder who left a lasting impact on the game.

Rude showed a passion for football from an early age and quickly caught the attention of scouts with his talent. Her journey to success began when she joined the youth academy of local club FC Twente. As her skills developed, so did her potential, and she made her professional debut for FC Twente’s senior team at an early age.

Over time, Rude’s abilities as a midfielder came into full play, demonstrating her proficiency in controlling the midfield, delivering precise passes and scoring crucial goals. Her performances at club level have earned her recognition on the international stage. She made her debut for the Dutch national team in 2015 and has been a key player in the Oranje’s midfield ever since.

Rude’s technical prowess, tactical awareness and versatility make her a valuable asset to both club and country. She has represented the Netherlands in major tournaments, including the Women’s World Cup and Women’s European Championship, demonstrating her ability to perform under intense pressure.

Rude’s success and achievements as a Dutch professional footballer have inspired countless aspiring female athletes, breaking barriers and pushing boundaries in women’s football. Her dedication, work ethic and pursuit of excellence have not only earned her the respect of the soccer community, but have also made her a role model for young players around the world.

Jill Ruud’s journey from a talented youngster to a famous professional footballer in the Netherlands is testament to her dedication and passion for this beautiful game. Her impact on women’s football was huge and she remains an influential figure, setting new standards and inspiring the next generation of female footballers.


Jill Rudd Biography

Jill Jamie Roord is a charming Dutch professional footballer who makes waves on the pitch with her captivating skills and dynamic style of play. Born on a fateful day in the world of football, Gill stepped onto the scene on April 22, 1997, ready to take the sport by storm.

From an early age, Gil seemed destined to conquer the football world. With a curious twinkle in her eye, she kicked her first football and, as they say, the rest is history. Her journey to stardom began when she joined FC Twente’s youth academy, where she honed her talent and developed a love for the game.

As her career blossomed, Jill’s unquenchable curiosity led her to explore various positions on the pitch, but it was as a midfielder that she truly found her calling. Her ability to control the game with her graceful footwork and precise passing has captured the attention of soccer fans around the world.

Gill’s passion for the sport has seen her rise to prominence in the Dutch national team, where she ranks among the best players. With the Oranje jersey on her shoulders, she showed her tenacity and talent on the big stages of the Women’s World Cup and Women’s European Cup, and captivated the audience with her unyielding spirit.

Currently, the enigmatic midfielder continues to wow in the jersey of Women’s Super League club Manchester City. Her inquisitive approach to the game ensures she is always looking to improve and delight fans with every touch of the ball.

In the ever-evolving world of football, Jill Jamie Rudd remains a fascinating figure, her journey one filled with curiosity, determination and an unshakable love for the game. Fans can’t help but be drawn to the aura of mystery surrounding the Dutch football star as she continues to weave her magic on the pitch.


Jill Rudd age

In 2023, the dynamic and talented Jill Roord celebrates her 26th birthday, having been born on the exciting day of April 22, 1997, in the Netherlands. As time goes by, Jill’s age will only increase her experience and expertise on the football field, making her an even more powerful force in the world of women’s football.

26-year-old Jill Rudd continues to shine as a midfield maestro for Manchester City in the Women’s Super League and the Netherlands national team. Her optimistic attitude and unwavering dedication to the game have been evident throughout her career, inspiring fans and teammates alike.

When Jill Rudd reaches this milestone, the opportunities ahead will be endless. With her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude, she is destined to reach greater heights in her soccer career. The world is eagerly waiting to witness the extraordinary achievements that the 26-year-old football star will undoubtedly achieve in the coming years.

Jill Rudd height and weight

Jill Roord is an outstanding Dutch professional football player who possesses impressive physical attributes that complement her exceptional skills on the pitch. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches (176 cm), her height gives her an advantage in reach and aerial ability, giving her a strong presence on the pitch. This attribute allows her to compete for headers and break through opponents’ defenses with ease.

Additionally, Jill maintains an ideal weight of 60 kilograms (132 pounds), which not only showcases her fitness but also enhances her agility and speed during gameplay. Her well-balanced weight allows her to move quickly across the turf, allowing her to track back defensively and contribute to attack with equal proficiency.

With such a favorable height and weight combination, Gil Rudd embodies the physical qualities required of a modern professional football player. Her solid frame and athleticism allow her to excel in all positions on the pitch and make significant contributions to her club, Manchester City and the Dutch national team.

Jill Rudd Nationality

Jill Roord is a talented and accomplished footballer who is a proud holder of Dutch nationality. Hailing from the football-loving country of the Netherlands, she embodies the spirit and passion for the game that is ingrained in Dutch culture.

As a Dutch national, Gil has the honor of representing the Netherlands on the international stage, proudly donning the iconic Oranje jersey. Her performance with the Dutch national team has earned her recognition and admiration from fans around the world.

Her nationality also opened doors for her to enter Dutch football. Gill’s journey began in the Dutch club system, where she honed her skills and talents at FC Twente’s youth academy. Her performances in the domestic league helped her earn a spot in the national team, cementing her status as one of the most promising players in the country.

Being Dutch not only defines Jill Roode’s football identity, it also shapes her approach to the game. The Dutch football philosophy, which emphasizes ball control, technique and attack, fits perfectly with Jill’s playing style, making her a typical representative of the Dutch football spirit.


Jill Rudd’s acting career

Gil Rudd’s football career is a fascinating story of talent and achievement. From her early days as a young talent to becoming a key figure in the sport, her journey has been filled with unwavering determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Her career began to take shape when she joined Twente’s youth academy, showing her potential as a midfielder. As she continued to develop her skills and attract attention, it was clear that she had the makings of a future star.

Rude’s breakthrough moment came when she made her debut for Twente’s senior team, and her performances earned her praise and recognition from the football world. She then moved to the top league, the Bundesliga, to join Bayern Munich, further broadening her horizons.

Her international career with the Dutch national team was equally impressive. Gill has represented her country at prestigious tournaments such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup and UEFA Women’s European Championship, contributing to the team’s success with her technical prowess and midfield versatility.

Jill Roord made the biggest move of her career in 2019 when she joined Women’s Super League club Arsenal and she continues to shine on the global stage. Her impressive performances caught the attention of Manchester City and the following year she signed for the English club, starting a new chapter.

At every step of her career, Jill Rudd has demonstrated her ability to adapt, learn and grow in different soccer environments. Her fans are eagerly awaiting the next exciting chapter in the Dutch football prodigy’s career as she continues to add new chapters to her story.


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