What Happened to Rosalia and Rauw? Did Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro Break Up? Why Did Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia Break Up?

What happened to Rosalia and Law?

Venus, the love-driven planet, may be retrograde, but its impact on relationships can be profound. Famed musicians Rosalía and Rauf Alejandro have decided to end their relationship, leading to the cancellation of their engagement, media reported on Tuesday. The couple had been together for more than three years and their separation came as a shock to fans and followers.

A day later, Rauw Alejandro confirmed the news on his Instagram account. He described his time with Rosalía as “the truest love story God has ever let me live” and passionately dismissed any accusations of cheating circulating on social media. In the statement, he admitted that he and Rosalía ended their engagement several months ago, but made it clear that the breakup was not due to any third party or infidelity issues.


Rosalia also addressed the split in a brief statement on her Instagram. She expressed her deep love, respect and admiration for Law Alejandro, emphasizing the genuine and meaningful connection between them. She thanked her fans for understanding and respecting their decisions during this challenging time, and her message was accompanied by a white heart emoji, symbolizing pure emotion.

Rosalia’s rep declined further comment for this story, while Alejandro’s rep did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment. The couple’s decision to go their separate ways has undoubtedly impacted their fans, who admire their relationship and consider them a source of romantic inspiration.

Throughout their time together, Rosalía and Rauf Alejandro managed to maintain a level of privacy, discreetly revealing their private lives on their own terms. Their engagement announcement is a creative and artistic endeavor, revealed through the music video for the song “Beso,” part of their collaborative EP, aptly titled “RR.”

While news of their breakup saddens many, it’s also a reminder that even those seemingly perfect relationships can face challenges and evolve over time. Like any couple, their journey was full of ups and downs and they eventually decided to go their separate ways.

Have Rosalia and Rao Alejandro broken up?

Yes, Rosalia and Rao Alejandro have broken up. Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro recently confirmed the end of his romantic relationship with Spanish singer Rosalía on his Instagram page. Although some rumors circulated in the Spanish-language media suggesting that Rauf Alejandro was unfaithful to Rosalía, the artist clarified that the breakup was not caused by the involvement of any third party or infidelity.

Rauw Alejandro said in his social media post: “Rosie and I have indeed ended our relationship. There are thousands of reasons why a breakup could have occurred, but in our case , it was not because of a third person between us or because of infidelity.” He expressed the need to address erroneous reports of infidelity and stressed his respect for Rosalía, their family and everyone involved.

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia are both towering figures in the Latin music scene, and their two-decade romance has garnered widespread attention and admiration from fans. However, despite their love and respect for each other, they agreed to go their separate ways. News of their breakup has been reported by major publications including magazines.

Although the artists decided to go their separate ways, it’s clear that they have a high level of respect for each other and are approaching issues with mutual understanding. As the news continues to circulate, fans and followers of Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia are showing their support for the artists during this challenging time.

The couple’s decision to go their separate ways may come as a surprise to many, but they chose to handle the situation with dignity and maturity. Currently, Rauw Alejandro has expressed his intention to take a break to adapt to the current situation. Although their romantic relationship ended, it’s clear that the bond they once shared was a deep and important experience in their lives.


Why did Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia break up?

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía’s split came as a surprise to many fans, as the couple had been together for more than three years and were engaged. Rauw opened up about the end of their engagement in a statement posted to his social media accounts, sharing some insight into the reasoning behind their decision.

Lowe said in a statement that it would be difficult to resolve such private matters in a public forum. He confirmed that he and Rosalia ended their engagement months before the news broke. Rauw clarified that their breakup was not due to infidelity or the involvement of a third party.

He acknowledged the false public accusations that emerged during this period and stressed that he had the utmost respect for Rosalia, their family and the love story they shared together. Lowe wants to set the record straight and defend the authenticity of their relationship from anyone trying to tarnish it.

Rosalía released her own statement on her Instagram Story, expressing her love, respect and admiration for Rauw. She emphasized the depth of their connection and the experiences they shared. Rosalía acknowledged that the current situation is challenging but thanked the world for understanding and respecting their decision.

Despite their love and respect for each other, the two artists agreed to end their engagement. Sources say the decision was made jointly and marks the end of an important chapter in their lives. The couple’s relationship began after they met in a hotel lounge during the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rauw describes it as “100% love at first sight.” For years, they tried to keep their romance out of the public eye, but eventually, paparazzi discovered their relationship. Despite initially trying to avoid the drama that often comes with high-profile romances, they eventually embraced their love openly and authentically. As with any relationship, the reasons for their breakup remain personal and private, known only to the two people involved.

Rosalia and Rauf Alejandro Terminalon

The news that Spanish singer Rosalía and Puerto Rican singer Rauf Alejandro have broken up has shocked their fans. On July 25, 2023, the two artists confirmed the end of their relationship through their respective social media accounts. Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro started dating in 2019 and their love flourished within three years.

They excited fans in March 2023 when they took their relationship to the next level and got engaged. However, despite many hoping that their love story would end in marriage, the couple ultimately decided to go their separate ways. The specific reason for the two’s breakup has not been made public, leaving room for speculation among fans and the media.

Some suggest that conflicting schedules and demanding professional commitments may play a role, while others suggest there may be personal differences. Following their breakup, both Rosalía and Rauf Alejandro asked fans and the public to respect privacy and seek understanding. It must be difficult for them to go through such a significant change in their lives, and they deserve the space and respect to process their emotions and understand how they are feeling.

Like any high-profile relationship, the love story of Rosalía and Rao Alejandro generated a huge amount of attention and interest. However, it is important to remember that they are individuals with their own private lives and emotions. Their decision to end the relationship is a personal one, and it is vital that their wishes are respected during this transitional time.

Did Rauw cheat on Rosalia?

On July 26, 2023, Rauw Alejandro responded to the rumors and speculation surrounding his breakup with Rosalia through a statement posted on his Instagram account. He categorically denied any accusations of cheating and made it clear that infidelity was not the reason for their split. After they announced their separation, rumors circulated on social media suggesting that Rauf Alejandro might have been unfaithful during their relationship.

The speculations have caused quite a stir among the couple’s fans and followers. In response to the growing rumors, Law took to his social media platform to set the record straight. He confirmed his split from Rosalía, admitting they decided to end their engagement months before making it public.

However, he emphasized that the reason for their breakup had nothing to do with any form of infidelity or the involvement of a third party. Lauf’s statement expressed his dismay at the false public accusations and emphasized his respect for and love for Rosalia, their family. The stories they shared.

He wants to clear up the rumors, defend the authenticity of their relationship, and stop any attempts to tarnish their relationship with baseless accusations. Although Rauw Alejandro confirmed this, it’s important to remember that the specifics of any couple’s breakup remain private and personal.

While fans may be curious about the reasons behind celebrities’ breakups, it’s crucial to respect their privacy and not make assumptions without reliable information. As things continue to unfold, both Rauf Alejandro and Rosalia may need time and space to process their emotions and move on.

The focus should be on supporting them as individuals and artists rather than indulging in speculative rumors. Let us extend our understanding and compassion during this difficult time and wish them all the best in their respective journeys.

Law Alejandro Y. Rosalia Terminalon

Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía, a couple who attracted the attention and admiration of many fans, have confirmed the end of their relationship of almost four years. On July 26, 2023, the day after news of their breakup broke, Rauw Alejandro addressed the public in a heartfelt statement posted on his social media platforms.

In a statement, Law expressed gratitude for the years they spent together, which included their professional achievements and personal happiness as a couple. He admitted that he never expected to make a public statement on such a personal matter that meant so much to him.

Rauw Alejandro confirmed the news of their split, revealing their engagement ended months ago. Their relationship began in 2019, a journey that began by exchanging messages on social media and later meeting in a Las Vegas hotel lounge during the Latin Grammy Awards.

As they revealed in a previous Billboard cover interview, the couple said it was love at first sight. Throughout his statement, Rauf Alejandro clarified that the reason for their breakup had nothing to do with any third party or infidelity, dispelling any such rumors that had surfaced online. He acknowledged that false public accusations emerged during this time and he felt the need to address them to protect the authenticity of their love story.

Their engagement was announced to the world in the music video for “Kiss”, one of the tracks from their joint EP “RR”, which was released in early March of that year. The news of their breakup has undoubtedly saddened their fans, who admired the couple’s chemistry and love for each other. As with any high-profile relationship, their decision to break up should be respected and they must be given the space they need to get through this difficult time.

As Rao Alejandro and Rosalía begin a new chapter in their lives, we can only wish them all the best in their personal endeavors and hope they find happiness and contentment. Their talent and artistry continue to be appreciated, and their fans will undoubtedly support them throughout their personal and professional lives.

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