The Golden Bachelor Cast Revealed: Meet the Stars of the Show

Golden Bachelor

ABC’s highly anticipated dating show “The Bachelor” is gearing up to premiere on September 28, 2023. This exciting series tells the heartwarming story of 72-year-old Gerry Turner as he searches for love among 22 extraordinary women.

Set against the backdrop of Gerry’s inspiring journey to find companionship in his golden years, the show promises to be a moving exploration of romance and second chances, challenging age boundaries and celebrating the enduring pursuit of love.

Golden Bachelor cast revealed

ABC introduces us to the cast of stunning women vying for Gerry Turner’s heart on The Bachelor. The women range in age from 60 to 75 and bring a wealth of life experiences and stories to the show. Get to know them as they aim to find love in their golden years.


Anna is a retired nutritionist in Summit, NJ who enjoys farmers markets, shark diving, and dark chocolate.


April, a therapist from Port St. Lucie, Florida, dreams of writing a best-selling book and finds joy in hunting for pennies.


Christina, a retired purchasing manager in Sierra Madre, Calif., whose first concert was The Beatles in 1964, loves vacation ranches.


Edith, a retired real estate agent from Downey, California, was building an ADU in her backyard and didn’t like the cold weather.


Ellen is a retired teacher from Delray Beach, Florida, who dreams of exploring Africa and idolizes Michelle Obama.


Faith, a high school teacher from Benton, Wash., loves riding horses through the mountains and hates unstable technology.


Jenny is a retired project manager in Estill Springs, Tennessee, a certified scuba diver who dreams of competing in the Super Bowl.


Joan, a private school administrator from Rockland, Maryland, enjoyed dancing and visiting historical museums after a few drinks.


Kathy is a retired educational consultant from Austin, Texas who has traveled to three continents, loves Christmas, and has two senior cats.


Leslie, a fitness trainer from Minneapolis, doesn’t like rats, is a former aerobics champion, and loves Lady Gaga and Post Malone concerts.


Maria, a health and wellness director from Teaneck, NJ, wants to try paintball, loves Grand Marnier, and loves Valentine’s Day.


Marina, an educator from Los Angeles with three master’s degrees, doesn’t like waiting in lines and loves reading biographies.


Nancy is a retired interior designer in Alexandria, Virginia who enjoys romantic comedies, dancing at weddings, and is a fan of Bruce Springsteen.


Natascha, an anti-aging coach and midlife speaker from New York City, loves relaxing in Central Park and hopes bell bottoms are making a comeback.


Pamela, a retired salon owner from Aurora, IL, enjoys backyard barbecues, Judge Judy, and hugs.


Patty is a retired real estate professional from Durham, North Carolina, an avid sailor, loves body glitter, and starting her day with coffee. She is also the mother of former Bachelor Matt James.


Paige, a dental hygienist from East Haven, Connecticut, has a Bichon Frize named Libby, dreams of one day being Jennifer Lopez, and loves go-karts.


A former Chicago Honey Bear cheerleader from Chicago, Renee wants to meet Harry Styles and loves taking her grandchildren to the zoo, but doesn’t like the smell of fish.


Sandra, a retired administrative assistant from Doraville, Ga., is a Luther Vandross fan who is proud of her high credit score and loves the NFL team.


Susan is a wedding officiant from Aston, Pennsylvania, who owns pink loafers, dreams of lunches with Kris Jenner, and loves leftovers.


Sylvia, a public affairs consultant from Los Angeles, enjoys clothing, lifting weights, and making her famous pistachio cake.

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Theresa is a financial services professional in Shrewsbury, New Jersey who enjoys singing in her car, is self-taught in the stock market, and loves 1970s rock music.


golden bachelor release date

The Bachelor will air on ABC on September 28, 2023, with a premiere date set to hit our screens. Viewers can look forward to Thursdays at 8pm ET as a dedicated time to follow Gerry Turner’s poignant quest for love. If you find yourself unable to watch the broadcast, don’t worry, Hulu will give you streaming options for the next day.

This heartwarming journey promises to captivate viewers as it unfolds, showcasing one’s enduring pursuit of companionship in their golden years and offering a fresh perspective on dating reality television. Be sure to set a reminder for this extraordinary series celebrating love and second chances.

Golden Bachelor Contestants

The contestants on Bachelor Gold are a diverse group of accomplished women. From retired professionals to educators and even former NFL cheerleaders, these women are breaking the mold and showing that love knows no age. Discover the fascinating backgrounds of the 22 contestants vying for Gerry’s heart.




Anna Zark


retired nutritionist

April Kirkwood



Christina Kempton


retired purchasing manager

Edith Aguirre


retired real estate agent

Ellen Goelzer


retired teacher

Faith Martin


high school teacher

Jenny Howard


Retired project manager

Joan Vassos


private school administrator

Kathy Swartz


Retired Educational Consultant

Leslie Fima


Fitness coach

maria telles


Health and Wellness Director




Nancy Hulkovo


retired interior designer

Natasha Hardy


Anti-Aging Coach and Midlife Speaker

Pamela Burns


retired salon owner

Patty James


Retired real estate professional

Peggy Decker


dental hygienist

Renee Halvorson-Wright





Retired Administrative Assistant

Susan Knowles


wedding officiant

Silvia Robledo


public affairs consultant

Theresa Nester


Financial services professionals

The Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner

Gerry Turner, the charismatic central character of “Bachelor” is a 72-year-old retired restaurateur from Indiana. His life story is poignant and marked by a deep and abiding love for his late wife, Toni, to whom they were married for an impressive 43 years. Tragically, Gerry experienced the painful loss of Tony in 2017, leaving a void in his life that only love can fill.

In “Bachelor,” Gerry’s journey becomes the show’s emotional center. As he sets out to find new love, viewers will witness not only his determination but also his vulnerability. Despite the pain of his loss, Gerry’s resilience shined through as he shared his love of hosting barbecues, playing pickleball, and his unwavering support of Chicago’s sports teams.

Gerry Turner’s desire to find someone special to share the golden years of his life is both touching and inspiring, making Gerry Turner a relatable and endearing character in this heartwarming series. His story reminds us that there is no age limit to finding love and that second chances are always worth pursuing.

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