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In the final episodes of The Girl Before, several key mysteries are unraveled, revealing a complex web of secrets that have permeated the entire series. The central question of who killed Emma, ​​one of the protagonists, is answered. It was revealed that seemingly affable boyfriend Simon was the culprit. He was motivated by jealousy because he was listed as a friend by Emma and felt threatened by her relationship with Edward. Simon’s character undergoes a transformation from a seemingly ordinary man to a dangerous and manipulative individual, providing a compelling twist to the story.

The show also delves into the question of who raped Emma. Simon’s best friend Thor is believed to be responsible for the attack, and he uses this knowledge to manipulate Emma into remaining silent. This revelation adds another layer of complexity to the narrative, highlighting the pervasive impact sexual assault has on the characters’ lives.

However, the series leaves one major mystery unanswered: the true nature of the mysterious landlady Edward. While Edward’s controlling and strict nature is explored, the show doesn’t explicitly clarify whether Edward is a murderer or just an eccentric. This ambiguity leaves viewers with lingering questions about his character, adding to the allure of The Girl Before‘s mysterious ending.

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The Girl Before is a gripping four-part television thriller based on JP Delaney’s novel of the same name. The story revolves around a traumatized woman named Jane Cavendish, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who becomes enamored with the extraordinary minimalism designed by architect Edward, played by David Oyelowo ism house. However, the house has a mysterious allure and is governed by strict rules, with past residents experiencing intrigue and tragedy. As Jane delves deeper into her new home, she discovers secrets that challenge her perception of reality. The show is known for its psychological twists, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as it explores the blurred lines between desire, obsession and danger.

Featuring a talented cast, including Jessica Plummer as Emma Matthews and Ben Hardy as Simon, The Girl Before delivers a compelling narrative that reveals the complexities of its characters’ lives and The mysterious house where they live. Set in Bristol and produced by BBC Studios and 42, this adaptation deftly combines elements of the psychological suspense and thriller genres, making it a must-see for fans of gripping, thought-provoking drama. The series, which originally aired on BBC One and HBO Max in December 2021, captivated viewers with its intricate storytelling and suspenseful plot.


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Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Jane Cavendish

David Oyelowo


Jessica Plummer

Emma Matthews

Ben Hardy


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The Girl Before unfolds a compelling and complex plot that delves into the lives of its characters, focusing primarily on Jane Cavendish, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Jane, a woman with a traumatic past, becomes obsessed with an extraordinary minimalist house designed by the mysterious architect Edward (David Oyelowo). The house has a strict set of rules and an air of mystery that fascinates Jane. However, when she moves into the house, she begins to uncover disturbing secrets about former tenants Emma and Simon (played by Jessica Plummer and Ben Hardy). Emma and Simon lived in the house three years before Jane, and their experiences there were extraordinary.

The show interestingly explores themes of desire, obsession, and danger as Jane’s connection to the house deepens. The blurred lines between reality and illusion create a psychologically intense narrative. As Jane uncovers the layers of the house’s history, the show takes unexpected twists and turns, keeping viewers on edge and questioning the true nature of the house and its architect. The Girl Before is a gripping thriller that not only showcases the architectural beauty of the house, but also reveals the dark and haunting secrets it harbors, ultimately challenging the characters’ perceptions and the audience’s understanding of what’s going on. The understanding of the unfolding mystery. With its intricate storytelling and suspenseful plot, the show is a compelling exploration of human psychology and the consequences of our deepest desires.

Where are the girls from before watching?

“The Girl Before” is available to watch on various streaming platforms depending on your location. You can watch it on JioCinema. In the UK, it originally aired on BBC One and is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. US viewers can watch the show on HBO Max.

If you’re in Australia, The Girl Before will premiere on Foxtel and Binge from 10 February 2022. The launch on multiple streaming services makes the psychological thriller available to viewers in different regions for easy access and viewing. Follow the mysterious story of Jane, Edward, Emma and Simon in a charming minimalist house.

Where was The Girl Before filmed?

“The Girl Before” was filmed primarily in Bristol, England. The crew used a variety of locations across Bristol to bring the story to life. Some famous filming locations include Redland, Bristol and The Bottle Yard Studios. Bristol’s diverse urban and built environment may have created a visually compelling backdrop for this psychological thriller series. The city’s unique atmosphere and unique locations add depth to the story’s depiction of an extraordinary minimalist house and the mystery that surrounds it.

Choosing Bristol as a filming location not only provided an authentic backdrop but also showcased the city’s versatility in hosting different types of television and film. Bristol’s blend of modern and historical elements provides the ideal backdrop for The Girl Before’s entertaining and suspenseful narrative.

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