Pikmin 4 Dandori Trial Run Walkthrough, How To Get Pikmin 4 Dandori Trial Run?

Pikmin 4 Dantori Trial Run

Once you begin your first trial run in Pikmin 4, you’ll encounter mysterious, overgrown enemies that challenge you to battle in Dandori. The goal of the first battle is to capture as much treasure as possible within four minutes in a small arena.

To win this battle, the key is to act quickly and efficiently. Your first priority should be to collect particles quickly to maximize the number of Pikmin you can use. Having a larger Pikmin squad will make it easier to tackle various missions and collect treasures faster.

As fruit treasures spawn around the arena, assign your Pikmin to bring them back to your base. Prioritize retrieving large buried treasures first, as they may be more valuable. Don’t forget to take advantage of Ozzy’s help, especially if you’re already leveling him up. At this point, Oatchi can have a pull of at least 10 Pikmin, making him a valuable asset for speeding up treasure collection.

Stay alert as strawberries and other fruits will respawn in the same area after a while. Pay close attention to the respawn cycle and maintain control of the arena to ensure you don’t miss any valuable treasure.

Since this is the first Dandori battle, it’s intentionally designed to be manageable and not too challenging. With effective treasure collection and strategic use of your Pikmin and Ochi, you should have no trouble defeating your enemies and emerging victorious in your trial run. As a reward for your success, you will rescue the castaways left behind by the thick enemy as they flee.

The initial Dandori battle is a great introduction to the trial mechanic in Pikmin 4. As the game progresses, subsequent trials may become more challenging, further testing your skills and strategies. The experience gained in your first battle will be invaluable as you embark on bolder, more meaningful adventures in the world of Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 Dandori trial run walkthrough

Preparation: Before starting the trial, make sure you have a sufficient number of each type of Pikmin. Having a diverse team of Pikmin will help you deal with different obstacles and enemies effectively. Bring red Pikmin into battle, yellow Pikmin for electrical obstacles, blue Pikmin for water-related challenges, and any other Pikmin types you’ve unlocked.

Know the Goal: The main goal of the Dandori Trial Run is to retrieve as much treasure as possible within the allotted time of four minutes. Remember, your score will be based on the value of the treasure collected and the number of Pikmin remaining at the end.

Entering the Arena: After starting the trial run, you will be transported to a small arena. Take your time to observe your surroundings and identify any obstacles or enemies you may encounter. The arena may have walls or obstacles, and may be littered with hidden treasures.

Treasure Collection: Quickly organize your Pikmin squad and start collecting treasures. Treasures can be scattered around the arena or guarded by mysterious overgrown enemies. Use Pikmin’s abilities to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Remember, you need to be quick as you only have four minutes to complete the trial.

Combat Strategy: When facing mysterious overgrown enemies, approach them with caution. Use red Pikmin for combat as they are powerful against most enemies. Throw your red Pikmin at enemies to effectively attack them. Be careful with the number of Pikmin you throw out, as losing too many Pikmin in battle will affect your final score.

Overcome Obstacles: As you progress through the trial run, you may encounter various obstacles such as doors, walls, or traps. Use Pikmin’s unique abilities to get around these obstacles. For example, yellow Pikmin can conduct electricity to activate switches, while blue Pikmin can travel through water to retrieve treasure.

Time Management: Since you only have four minutes to complete the trial run, efficient time management is crucial. Plan your route and prioritize which treasures to collect first. Try to collect high value treasures and if you are short on time, leave the lower value treasures behind.

Keep an eye on your Pikmin count: Keep an eye on your Pikmin count throughout the trial run. Losing too many Pikmin in combat or accidents will negatively affect your final score. Use caution to avoid hazardous situations that may result in unnecessary loss of pikmin.

Use a super spicy spray: If you have a super spicy spray in your inventory, consider using it strategically during your trial run. This temporary power-up can make your Pikmin faster, stronger, and more efficient. It’s a game changer, collect treasures quickly within a limited time.

Trial completion: After four minutes, the trial ends and your score is calculated based on the total value of treasures collected and the number of remaining Pikmin. Aim for a high score and work on improving your performance on subsequent attempts.


How to get the demo version of “Pikmin 4 Dandori”?

The Dandori battle is a unique cave in Pikmin 4. While they are initially accessed in story mode, their purpose shifts to another game mode reminiscent of Pikmin 2’s 2-player battles and Pikmin 3’s bingo battles. Once Kogvan is rescued, players can enter these battles via the Rescue Command Post.

The trial run represents a pair of Dandori found in the game’s initial part of the Challenge Cave, called the Sunspot Terrace. Here, players will face a mysterious being and engage in Dandorian battles that will put their skills to the test. There’s no special way to try out Pikmin 4 Dandori, all you have to do is play the game.

Pikmin 4

Pikmin 4 is an engaging, immersive video game that takes players on an exciting journey with Captain Shepherd and his companion Oatchi across the enchanting Sun-Speckled Terrace. The game features a unique time-based mechanic in which players must explore a vibrant landscape, collect treasure, and find their team during the day, then return safely to their ship at night.

Using Oatchi’s various search features, players can discover hidden scents, treasures, and castaways, adding depth and strategy to the game. With the help of adorable Pikmin, players must overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, and solve puzzles to advance in the enchanting world of Pikmin 4. The game’s lovable characters, beautiful visuals, and engaging gameplay make it an enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

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