Is Storm Boy a True Story? Plot, Cast, Trailer and more

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The 2019 film Stormboy is an Australian drama film that vividly tells the story of a young boy growing up on the remote, untamed coastline of southern Australia.

The film is directed by Shawn Seet and is based on the 1964 novella of the same name by Colin Thiele. It tells the story of the character of the same name played by Finn Little. On a fascinating journey, he discovers a deep connection with the three orphaned pelicans he rescues. Geoffrey Rush and Jai Courtney also shine in their roles, adding depth to the story.

The film deftly explores themes of companionship, the intricate relationship between humans and nature, and the formative experiences that shape one’s understanding of the world.

With stunning cinematography and riveting performances, the 2019 adaptation of Storm Boy is a touching exploration of friendship and personal growth set against the rugged Australian landscape, leaving audiences with a sense of the beauty and challenges of life on the coast. A deep impression.

Is Storm Boy a true story?

“Storm Boy” is not a true story, but a novel adapted from the 1964 novella of the same name by Australian writer Colin Thiele. Set on a remote, uninhabited coastline in southern Australia, the story follows the life of a young boy who forms a close bond with three orphaned pelicans he rescues.

While the novella and its subsequent film adaptation capture the essence of humanity’s connection to nature and the lessons learned through these relationships, the characters and events are fictional and not based on real individuals or events. The story is a profound exploration of themes of friendship, environment and growing up, set against the backdrop of an imaginative and heartfelt story.


Storm Boy cast



Geoffrey Rush

Michael “Stormboy” Kinley

Jai Courtney

Tom “Hidden Tom”

Finn Little

storm boy

Trevor Jamieson

Bill “Fingerbone Bill”

Morgan Davis


Eric Thomson

Malcolm Downer

David Gulpilli

Father of Fingerbone Bill

Simon Annan

murujuga lawyer

Tibur Nettle

Police (Stinga-T)

Where was Storm Boy filmed?

The production of the 2019 film Stormboy was a collaboration to bring Colin Thiele’s beloved novella to the big screen. The filmmakers work diligently to adapt deeply moving stories into films, utilizing scenic locations and studio environments to create an authentic and compelling visual experience.

Under the direction of Sean Seater, the film becomes a poignant and moving work that pays homage to the original while adding a new dimension that resonates with audiences.This is the filming location of the 2019 movie “Storm”

  • Lake Alexander, South Australia, Australia (surrounding area)
  • Coulomb, South Australia, Australia
  • Coulomb National Park, South Australia, Australia
  • southern ocean
  • Coulomb, South Australia, Australia
  • Goolwa, South Australia, Australia
  • The Strand, Port Elliot, South Australia, Australia
  • Ninety Mile Beach, South Australia, Australia
  • Lake Albert, South Australia, Australia (surrounding area)
  • Bucknall, South Australia, Australia
  • Hallett Bay, South Australia, Australia (street view)
  • Onkaparinga, South Australia, Australia
  • Adelaide Studio, Glenside, South Australia, Australia (studio, interior: cabin)
  • coast, south australia, australia
  • Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, Australia
  • Limestone Coast, South Australia, Australia
  • Yunghuburn Peninsula, South Australia, Australia
  • Port Noarlunga, South Australia, Australia
  • Port Elliot, South Australia, Australia
  • Lower Lakes District, South Australia, Australia
  • Coorong Lake, Younghusband Peninsula, South Australia, Australia
  • Horseshoe Bay, South Australia, Australia (surrounding area)
  • Gulf St Vincent, South Australia, Australia (surrounding area)
  • Lower Murray River, Murray River, South Australia, Australia (surrounding area)
  • Alexandria District, South Australia, Australia
  • Nkanto Bay, South Australia, Australia (surrounding area)
  • Hindmarsh Island, South Australia, Australia
  • Godfrey Quay, South Australia, Australia
  • Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Storm Boy plot

Set on the remote and rugged South Australian coastline, the 2019 film Stormboy intricately follows a young boy’s journey of coming of age.

The protagonist, played by Finn Little, forms an unbreakable bond with the three orphaned pelicans he rescues. As he navigates the challenges of growing up in a largely uninhabited environment, his deep connections with these avian companions are a testament to the power of friendship and the profound lessons nature has to offer.

The story deftly explores themes of compassion, personal growth, and the interaction between humans and the natural world, ultimately delivering a profound narrative that leaves a lasting impact on both the characters and the audience. Set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, Storm Boy vividly depicts one boy’s unique upbringing and the wisdom he gains through his interactions with pelicans and the coastal environment.

As he matures, he learns valuable life lessons about love, loss, and the delicate balance between human desires and the needs of the wild animals in his care. The film captures the essence of connection, emphasizing the emotional resonance between characters and their surroundings.

Through heartfelt storytelling and evocative imagery, Storm Boy invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of nature, the bonds that shape our lives, and the profound impact of even the smallest acts of kindness.

Storm Boy Trailer

Where can I watch the Storm Boy movie?

You can currently watch the movie Storm Boy for free on the streaming platform Plex. Directed by Shawn Seet, this 2019 film tells a touching story centered around the special bond between a young boy and a pelican that changes his life. The film is 1 hour and 39 minutes long and falls under the genres of Action & Adventure, Children & Family, and Drama.

It has an IMDb rating of 6.8, and through Plex you have the opportunity to experience this heartwarming story set in the Australian landscape. If you’re looking for a profound exploration of relationships and the transformative power of unexpected friendships, “Storm Boy” will easily satisfy your viewing pleasure.

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