How to Beat The Curator Diablo 4? A Complete Guide


The Curator is a powerful boss and the last obstacle before reaching Nightmare difficulty in the game. Players should be aware of the area of ​​effect of their attacks, represented by the green line on the ground. Additionally, the Curator has the ability to summon skeletal allies and create walls to restrict movement in certain areas of the terrain.

In order to increase the chance of success, it is recommended that players equip equipment close to the level 50 requirements of the curator’s dungeon.

Once the curator is defeated, players can obtain rewards such as gold coins, and have the opportunity to obtain 2-3 pieces of legendary equipment and 2-3 pieces of rare or magic equipment.

How to defeat the Curator in Diablo 4?

To defeat the Curator in Diablo 4, players can adopt effective strategies. When dealing with Homing Skulls, using Undead Killing Elixir is crucial to maximizing damage and attack opportunities.

  • First, players should obtain it by crafting the Elixir of Undead at the Alchemist. The potion provides 20% additional damage to skeletons and remains active for 30 minutes after consumption. Crafting requires 15 Hanging Vine, 4 Lifebane, 10 Blighted Shadows, 1 Angel’s Breath, and 3 Grave Dust, all of which can be obtained by defeating enemies around the Sanctuary.
  • During combat, it is recommended to start attacking as soon as the Curator’s health bar appears. Use your most powerful attacks to take advantage of cooldowns and deal significant damage. Additionally, kill Skeleton Ballistas and other summons when they appear, as their high damage output will pose a threat.
  • When interacting with the Curator, watch out for the Homing Skulls it fires. Use your dodge and movement skills to avoid them, but also keep an eye on the Curator’s movements. It may use the Homing Skull as a distraction while preparing a more powerful attack, so stay alert.
  • Pay attention to visual cues while fighting. When a green path appears under your character, it indicates that the Curator is about to unleash Ground Slam, his most devastating ability. Avoid this attack to minimize damage taken.
  • While it’s acceptable to endure some minor attacks, prioritize avoiding the more damaging abilities in order to maintain a favorable position throughout the encounter. By employing these strategies and utilizing Undead Killing Potions, players can increase their chances of defeating the Curator in Diablo 4.


Where can I find the Curator in Diablo 4?

In “Diablo 4”, players can encounter a boss battle with the curator in the curator’s room at the end of the capstone dungeon in the Cathedral of Light in Korvashad. This challenging boss battle is only accessible after completing the game campaign and reaching World Level 2.

Additionally, defeating the Curator is crucial to entering the third level of the world, which represents nightmare difficulty.

In order to reach the Curator’s Chamber, players must travel through a dungeon, similar to exploring other dungeons in Diablo 4. Various objectives need to be achieved and enemies along the way must be cleared.

After completing the objective, a path to the Curator will open at the end of the Cathedral of Light. This dungeon can be quite lengthy, taking about 30-40 minutes to complete each step and reach the final area, the Curator’s Room.

If the player leaves the boss area or is defeated by the Curator, they do not need to redo the entire dungeon. However, the Curator will regain full health, which adds to the challenge of the encounter.

Diablo 4 Game Curator

Diablo IV is an action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth entry in the “Diablo” series and will be released on multiple platforms in June 2023. Players can choose from five playable classes and begin missions utilizing their unique combat skills.

The game has gone through an early access period, with a public beta version starting in March 2023, and official early access starting on June 1.

Diablo IV incorporates beloved features from its predecessor, including replayable dungeons and a focus on character development through loot. It also introduces new mechanics such as an open world and player-versus-player combat.

Critics generally praised Diablo IV, emphasizing its engaging narrative, immersive atmosphere, and high replay value.

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