Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG, How To Get the Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG?

Carbon Cookies from Super Mario RPG

The Carbo Cookie is a unique item in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars that can be obtained through a specific process in the charming town of Morville. To obtain this sought-after cookie, players must head to the local item shop, where a little mole girl sells it. This quaint shop in Mooreville is the exclusive source of Carbo cookies.

In order to obtain Carbo Cookie, the protagonist Mario needs to conduct a series of transactions. Initially, players need to purchase fireworks from the item shop, investing five hundred gold coins for this necessity. The fireworks can then be exchanged for Shiny Stones in the shop, which is a crucial step in the process of obtaining Carbon Cookies.

With the Shiny Gem equipped, the player must look for the Mole Girl located in the corner of the item shop. By talking to her, Mario can trade the shiny stones for the coveted Carbon Cookies. It’s worth noting that carbon crackers, while not suitable for combat scenarios, have unique uses outside of combat.

How to get Carbo Cookie in Super Mario RPG?

  • Location: Item Shop in Morville

    • Carbon Biscuits can be purchased from the Mole Girl in the Item Shop in Morville.
  • Get fireworks:

    • Mario needs to buy fireworks from the same store, which will cost him five hundred gold coins.
  • Exchange shiny gems:

    • Exchange purchased fireworks for Shiny Stones in the Item Shop.
  • Talk to the mole girl in the corner:

    • After you get the Shiny Gem, head to the shop to find the Mole Girl in the corner. Start a conversation with her.
  • Useless in combat:

    • Note that the Carbon Cracker cannot be used in combat; it serves a different purpose.
  • To the mole girl outside the store:

    • To maximize its effectiveness, give the carbon cracker to the mole girl sitting on the barrel outside the store. This action can be repeated twice, earning Frog Coins each time.
  • Alternative twist options:

    • Additionally, Mario can enter the bucket where Mole Girl is sitting and travel to the beginning of Midas Falls without having to interact with the coin-collecting toad at the end of the Midas River channel.
  • gallery:

    • Browse the gallery for visual representations or other information related to Carbo Cookies.


Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is a video game where you control Mario and his friends as they go to stop the Blacksmith Gang. The game was produced by Square and published by Nintendo in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This was the last Mario game made for the SNES. The story tells the story of the blacksmith gang breaking into Mario’s world and scattering the seven star fragments of Star Road. In this game, Mario tries to defeat them and restore peace.

Super Mario RPG is special because it is the first Mario game with role-playing elements, similar to games like Final Fantasy. Characters fight enemies using turn-based combat. Additionally, it was the first Mario game to play in a 3D environment, adding new exploration and platforming, just like the Super Mario series.

People like Super Mario RPG because of its humor and 3D graphics. It influenced other Nintendo role-playing game series, such as Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi, which retained parts of the gameplay. The game was released on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008 and later on the Wii U Virtual Console in 2015. It is also part of the 2017 Super NES Classic Edition. Now, a remake is coming for the Nintendo Switch, which will be released in 2017. November 17, 2023.

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Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG is a game produced by Square that has some similarities to other Square games such as Final Fantasy, mixing the story and gameplay style of Super Mario Bros. It follows the typical structure of a Japanese role-playing game (JRPG), focusing on exploration and turn-based combat. The game has two main parts: adventure and combat.

When not fighting monsters, the gameplay plays like a 3D platformer, with Mario moving around in an isometric view. It includes classic Mario elements like hitting question blocks. Unlike some RPGs, there are no surprise battles; you can see enemies on the battlefield, and combat only starts when Mario comes into contact with an enemy, allowing you to avoid unnecessary fights.

Initially, you can only control Mario, but your party can grow to five characters. In combat, Mario fights with up to two other people, and you can switch between them as you explore. Each character has unique attacks; for example, Princess Toadstool focuses on healing, while Geno and Bowser have powerful offensive moves. Combat is turn-based, and you can choose actions such as attacking, defending, running, using items, or casting magic. There was also a special move called a Move Command that involved timed button presses, which became a feature in later Mario RPGs.

Super Mario RPG plot

One day, Mario goes to Bowser’s castle to rescue Princess Toadstool. During their battle, a giant sword named Axl crashes into the castle, sending Mario, Toadstool, and Bowser in different directions and scattering Seven Star fragments. Mario returns to his place and meets Toad, who tells him to save Toadstool. Returning to Bowser’s castle, Mario discovers that the bridge was destroyed by Axl. He then discovers that the Mushroom Kingdom is occupied by the Blacksmith Gang. Mario helps a “tadpole” named Marlowe to retrieve the frog coins. They join forces to defeat the gang boss Mike and find the star fragments.

Marlo isn’t really a tadpole, but he goes on missions with Mario. They met Geno, the star spirit in the puppet’s body, and together they defeated Bowyer in Rose Town and regained another Star Fragment. Bowser seeks Mario’s help and joins the team. They rescue Princess Toadstool from the booster tower, only to discover that the wedding was a misunderstanding. Princess Toadstool (or Princess Peach in disguise) joins the party. After collecting five more star fragments, they discovered that Valentina had imprisoned the ruler of the Nimbus Land. Mario disguised himself as a statue and defeated Valentina and Dodo.

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Japan: March 9, 1996

North America: May 13, 1996

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Global: November 17, 2023


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