Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Reed, How to Get Reeds in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora?

Pandora Reed’s Avatar Frontier

In the world of Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, characters begin searching for necessary resources, such as reeds, to strengthen their bows. As they navigated the upper plains, they paid close attention to lakes and rivers that resembled real-world environments on Earth where reeds are often found. Characters use the Hunter’s Guide to determine precise locations to ensure they can harvest specific reeds.

The tool also proves useful for anchoring materials, highlighting them in yellow via Na’vi Vision. Each type of reed has different harvesting requirements, detailed in the Hunter’s Guide, which guides the characters to the target location in the upper plains. Whether it’s the treacherous islands of silt and reeds in the Great Heart Lake, or the considerations of time and conditions, the characters rely on their guides to successfully complete their resource-gathering journey.

How to get reeds in Pandora Avatar Frontier?

Scouting lakes and rivers:

  • Reeds are commonly found near lakes and rivers in Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier.

Visual clues:

  • Look for a pile of reeds, but not all of them can be harvested. Visual clues, just like clues in the real world, can lead you to the right clue.

See the Hunter Guide:

  • Open a hunter’s guide for specific directions to find the reeds. Use nails to secure the material so that it stands out in yellow to the Na’vi vision.

Different types:

  • Various types of reeds exist, each with specific harvesting requirements. This guide provides details on how to find them in the Upper Plains region.

Unique locations:

  • Certain reeds, such as silt reeds, can be found in unique and sometimes dangerous locations, such as islands in a large central lake.

Time and conditions:

  • As mentioned in the Hunter’s Guide, consider the time of day and environmental conditions to ensure the best quality when harvesting reeds.

Avoid danger:

  • Be wary of potential dangers, such as storm gliders protecting their lair. Understanding the landscape and conditions is crucial to a successful reed hunting expedition.


Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier is a video game released on December 7, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. In this game, you play as a Na’vi orphan who has been trained by the Resource Development Administration. After spending fifteen years in suspended animation, you wake up in an abandoned facility.

The story will take you to the Western Frontier, a new part of the planet Pandora, where you will discover your past and work to unite the local Na’vi tribe against the RDA who are trying to exploit the area’s natural resources. The game provides a first-person perspective and supports 2-player cooperative multiplayer games. Although it is related to the Avatar movies, it can also be enjoyed on its own. Since its release, it has received mixed reviews from critics.

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“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” gameplay

In the immersive universe of Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier, players take on the role of Salentu, an orphan from the Na’vi tribe, and journey across the vibrant landscape of Pandora in a compelling open-world action adventure. The game is presented from a first-person perspective, immersing players in the exploration of the western frontier.

The storyline unfolds as players delve into Salentu’s past, from being raised and trained by the Resource Development Authority to waking up fifteen years later in an abandoned facility. The goal is to lead the Na’vi tribe against the RDA’s exploitation of Pandora’s resources.

The game features an engaging single-player mode and offers the added thrill of multiplayer cooperative action, allowing players to unite and tackle Pandora’s challenges together. Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier seamlessly blends elements from the beloved film series into a self-contained narrative, allowing players to shape the fate of the Na’vi and the western frontier.

Avatar: Pandora’s Cutting Edge Review

Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier delivers an exciting adventure with its beautiful world, vibrant colors, and dynamic audio. Traversing Pandora’s stunning landscape is a complete joy, offering high-speed sprints and immersive exploration.

The game introduces a thoughtful approach to resource gathering, allowing players to make ethical choices for higher quality items. Combat is a lot of fun, especially with the diverse arsenal of weapons and engaging encounters, providing a satisfying and immersive experience. The minimalist user interface and emphasis on exploration make the game feel calmer and less cluttered than your typical open-world game.

While there are technical issues such as crashes and performance issues, the overall experience is impressive and takes Ubisoft a step forward in world design and gameplay innovation.

“Avatar: Pandora’s Frontier” trailer

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